Creature Concept: Lode Stone Sprite

Here’s a creature concept by artist Vincent Covellio (V4m2c4). I found this while exploring his gallery on DeviantART.


Artist’s description:

Lode stone sprites live in large, highly communal, monogamous flocks. Electromagnetic flyers lode stone sprites can be found throughout the canyons. Males build “pod nests” to attract their mate, which he will then encase into it and become the sole provider for her and her eventual chicks. These pod nests are magnetically charged and can be found hovering over the appropriate charged sediment. Here a male desperately clings to his occupied nest due to the fact that it is being rejected from the charged rock face because they both share the same magnetic charge.

How would you use a creature like this is a science fiction story? Also, how do you suppose it gives the “pod nest” its magnetic charge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Artwork by Vincent Covellio (V4m2c4)

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