Creature Concept: The Swamp Rabbit

I found this creature concept on the DeviantART page of German artist Malte J. Zirbel (aka PointLineArea).

Swamp rabbit

Although the creature has been named “Swamp Rabbit”, it doesn’t look much like a rabbit at all – it doesn’t have floppy ears, and from the look of those sharp teeth it’s safe to assume it eats something other than grass. Perhaps the name is instead a clue as to how the creature moves – using that large rear foot to hop short distances.

Those large, flat front feet have surely evolved to help spread its weight on soft, swampy ground, but they likely also prevent the Swamp Rabbit from moving particularly fast. Perhaps it evolved on a high-gravity world in which stability is more important than speed, and in which the animals at the bottom of the food chain are equally cumbersome.

Another possibility is that it could be an ambush predator, using its powerful rear foot to dig traps in the soft swampy ground, or hiding in ponds and rivers like a crocodile.

Artwork by Malte J. Zirbel (aka PointLineArea).

  • Vanessa Ravencroft

    “Swamp Rabbit, are you really going to put that down as official name in our survey log?” Asked the tall man in the maroon colored uniform of the Union Science Corps.
    “Why not? I discovered it and thus can name it.” Said the ant like insectoud in his version of the same uniform.
    “This entire planet doesn’t appear to have significant swamps and this region is a forest , not a swamp.
    Besides it does not even one distinctive feature that could link its
    appearance to a rabbit.”
    “How would I know? I never seen a rabbit.”
    “That doesn’t suprise me, I doubt Klack celebrate Easter, but why use a term that evokes cuddly feelings and images of fluffy gentle mammals that nibble on herbs. I doubt your bunny there has much appetite for anything herbal. Look at
    that overbite.”
    “No we do not celebrate Easter, but it would not surprise me if the queen makes us if she hears about it. She loves Terran festivities. What is celebrated on on Easter?”
    “I am not sure either. Some distant Pre Astro Event where a guy who was dead wasn’t really and then everybody waits for a fluffy creature with long ears come along and hides painted eggs and copies of the creature made of chocolate.”
    “I thought you humans are mammals. I sure hope our queen does not hear about that, maybe she has us paint the eggs of our grubs. I tell you Terrans have the strangest festivities.”
    “Yeah they sure do. So go ahead call that thing a Swamp Rabbit. It isn’t me wo has to explain your motivation.
    “Maybe it lays eggs and I am sure when it rains it can bet pretty muddy around here. But then humor me, what would you call it?”
    “Maybe White Coil Stomper or Fang face”
    “You called those fish on Tabur III Fang Face already. And White Coil Stomper is too long. Na I keep Swamp Rabbit.”
    The Klack made the entry on his PDD official by swiping over the Enter sensor.