Creature Concept: Beach Climber

Here’s an interesting alien creature I found on DeviantART. It’s by British artist Dan Emmerson, who goes by the handle Purple-Plasmid on DeviantART.


Artist’s description:

This is a ‘beach climber’, a 4 legged alien that lives on the coastal cliffs on Fentil, holding on using 4 leathery foot pads and a large ventral muscle pad, similar to the foot of a limpet.

It feeds on slimy algae attached to the rocks, scraping it off with it’s lower jaw. Their head is joined to the body by a muscular neck containing no ‘bones’, and so is free to bend and flex as necessary to reach food.

It is part of a group of animals on Fentil that ‘see’ using an electrosensitive organ in it’s head, similar to the electric field of an electric eel. Ordinarily, this shouldn’t work out of water, but can on Fentil due to the denser, moist air around the coast.

They breed in a similar manner to frogs; they mate at the water’s edge, and their eggs sink into the water. The aquatic, seal-like young hatch and spend this portion of their lives swimming in shallow coastal waters, feeding on plankton and small ‘fish’. When they reach maturity their legs and ventral muscles develop as they begin to climb out of the water and onto the rocks where they will spend the rest of their lives.

Artwork by Dan Emmerson.

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