The Best of The Alien Species Generator

601501_408148235948106_1726271231_nOur random alien species generator creates imaginative alien species using only binary code, sticky tape, and discarded bits of old nonsense. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend you give it a spin.

I’ve been playing around with the random generator my self lately, and I’ve realized that it is capable of coming up with some real gems. Here are some of the best randomly generated aliens I’ve come across so far…

Generated alien species: Entirians

Name: Entirians

Home-world: Tirizar

A race of small flying reptiles with large fangs and a deadly venomous bite. They are extremely hostile towards all species but their own. They have an extremely low-tech civilization and do not build their own starships, but they have been known to hitchhike on alien trading vessels. Their society is organized into several religious factions, each ruled by either a high priestess or a council of religious elders. Some religious groups actively promote the ritual killing of other life forms.

These bat-like aliens could easily be the mindless predatory creatures that sneak aboard your ship and slaughter you in your sleep, but the fact that they are motivated by religious fanaticism makes them all the scarier.

Generated alien species: Sheromi

Name: Sheromi

Home-world: Terronda

A race of tiny humanoids with yellow eyes and purple skin. The entire species is addicted to a plant pollen that is common on their world. The microscopic pollen is carried on the wind and reaches every island and continent. They naturally produce a chemical that can be used to cure many different illnesses. Because of this, many members of their species have been captured by another race and used for medical experiments.

Being addicted to plant pollen might make it difficult for these little purple people to leave their planet. I like the idea that addictive pollen is somehow linked to the Sheromi’s medical properties. Maybe there is some kind of symbiotic relationship at work here that has so far prevented other races from grinding them all into a fine powder and selling it as a cure for space-measles.

Generated alien species: Molzons

Name: Molzons

Home-world: Nagusa

A race of genetically enhanced amphibians with large eyes and green skin. Their culture is highly competitive and places a great deal of emphasis on competitive sports and games. Most individuals play some form of sport, whether it is a physical game or an intellectual game. Contact sports are extremely popular, as are games of strategy. Their leaders are selected by way of a sporting tournament. In order to win a position in the government, players must prove themselves in a variety of different sports, including both physical and mental challenges.

I think these aliens would make great bad-guys, or at least antagonists. The best bad-guys aren’t nasty just for the sake of it, they have identifiable reasons to be hostile with which we can relate in this case a desire to prove themselves and gain some kind of recognition. An obsession with sports wouldn’t necessarily make the every individual Molzon hostile (unless they’re all taking steroids), but it might make their society rather war-like, war is essentially a giant team sport afterall. Of course, sports also teach us to play by the rules, so these aliens might make loyal allies too.

The fact that the sport-obsessed Molzons are amphibious is a little left-field. Surely only a random generator could make such an interesting match.

Generated alien species: Sozarians

Name: Sozarians

Home-world: Dyonin

A race of reptilian insectivores with large bulbous eyes. These time-travelers originate in the distant future. When their home-world was destroyed by a natural disaster, they traveled millions of years back in time to found a new empire in the here and now. Having long ago mastered the intricacies of time-travel, they now sell the ability to alter history to other species. The price for this service is extremely high, and they of course make sure that any changes will not adversely affect their own history.

Why bother searching for a new world when you can just go back in time and start history all over again, with better technology? Well, the grandfather paradox for one. But if you can overcome that little problem, the sky’s the limit – or rather the lifespan of your local star is the limit.

Generated alien species: Rwaddi

Name: Rwaddi

Home-world: Walafon IV

A race of venomous siphonophores who change colour when angry. They have latent telepathic abilities and live in the thick atmosphere of a carbon dioxide rich gas giant. The atmosphere of their planet has become toxic due to centuries of war and pollution. The rich now live inside large bio-domes, safe from the deadly effects of breathing the atmosphere, while the poor are forced to live outside.

The idea of bio-domes in the atmosphere of a gas giant intrigues me. They must be huge floating glass spheres. These floating creatures must have some form of industry in order to build such structures, and to have poisoned the atmosphere in the first place, I wonder what that might look like.

Generated alien species: Qual

Name: Qual

Home-world: Nahar

A race of deeply religious avians who produce silk from glands in their abdomens. Their tails continue growing throughout their entire lives, and the length of an individual’s tail can be a good indicator of age. Their government routinely assassinates members of society that are deemed to be dangerous to the safety of others. It is seen as their responsibility to do so.

This little idea sets my imagination on fire. Just think what kinds of intricate webs and structure birds would be able to make if they could spin silk while flying. They might use this to build nests, webs and nets for catching prey, even complex structures. With their long tail feathers, I imagine these flying aliens to be quite beautiful, but they would also seem to be quite ruthless.

Generated alien species: Mustafassians

Name: Mustafassians

Home-world: Vennis

A race of intelligent mollusks who are obsessed with gadgetry. The evolved to find shelter in the discarded shells of other creatures, much like a hermit crab. In their modern, industrialized society, they manufacture high-tech, personalized shells equipped with a variety of computerized gadgets. They believe in an all-knowing creator god called Essaran and are obsessed with spreading the word of their religion to members of other alien races.

Techno-snails! If these guys show up on your doorstep asking if you’d like to hear about our lord and savior Essaran, make sure you put a sheet down before you invite them in.

The thinking with this idea (which I’ll admit is considerably less randomized than others) is that the snail’s techn0-shells would be somewhere between an iPhone and Inspector Gadget’s hat. Now, I’m not suggesting that they can sprout helicopter blades or anything, just that carrying around so much tech all day might make them even more dependent on it than we are.

Generated alien species: Bolugians

Name: Bolugians

Home-world: Byzan IV

A race of telekinetic bovids with extendable limbs and poisonous spines on their heads. They express their emotions through the excretion of variously colored bodily fluids. They prefer not to leave their home-world and use holographic representations of themselves to explore the galaxy instead.

What’s stranger than a spoon-bending cow with extendable legs? A spoon-bending cow with extendable legs and a poisonous hair-do, of course. An encounter with a Bolugian would be made all the stranger when it starts sweating with glee and spews up a load of pink “pleased to meet you” juice. Still, at least it would only be holographic vomit.

These have to be the craziest, most random alien creatures it’s possible to invent. I’m not at all surprised that they don’t get out much; if I was one of these guys I wouldn’t want to leave the house either, and the thought of meeting potentially hostile species would fill me with… oh no, apprehension juice! That’s gonna stain.

Think these aliens ideas are interesting? Try the alien species generator for yourself!

Article written by Mark Ball.

  • Chakat Firepaw

    A species which has an ever growing tail that can be used to estimate age… I wonder what fictional species that particular detail might have been lifted from?

    I wonder if the Qual, like chakats, call their elders ‘longtails’?

    • Just done a quick Google search of the Chakats. It says they’re cat-centaurs with human faces, arms (extra arms) and tits. Yes, that’s obviously where this randomly generated idea about silk-spinning birds came from. Well done, “Chakat Firepaw”, you’re on to me.

  • I wonder if the Qual, like chakats, maybe call their elders “Joe”–

    “Fire Time” was a novel written by Poul Anderson in 1974, and was nominated for a Hugo for Best Novel in 1975. It was the story of the Ishtarians, a leonitaur (think a centaur but with a lion-like body) species that lived on a planet located within a trinary star system. They were big, lived a long time, and had plants for eyebrows and a mane. The females didn’t have four breasts, but they did have two udders by their rear genitals, because that’s how Poul rolled.

    Anderson also wrote the novella “Call Me Joe”, and published it in 1957. This is the story of aliens on the surface of Jupiter (it was 1957; there was a lot we didn’t know back then), aliens that looked like big centaur-like cats. The main character, Ed Anglesey, lived on a space station in orbit around Jupiter and would “teleoperate” an alien body–the creature known as “Joe”–on the surface of Jupiter, and through this creature it would be possible to establish a foothold on the planet. Ed is shown to be a person who is confined to a wheelchair, and enjoys becoming Joe and having the freedom to move about and . . . hey, haven’t I seen this movie?

    And for laughs I looked up those animals that one can tell their age by the length of their tail, and got a hit on bearded dragons. No word yet if any of their females have four breasts–

    But I do remember a parody Playboy cover done when I was working there in the late 1980’s that showed a nude shot of Miss Alpha Centauri, who had four breasts and was blue. She wasn’t Smurfette, trust me.

  • Fun. When it comes to automated toys like this I like to try to find the spirit of the Law and dump the Word.

    I’d put Tirizar and Terronda isolated beyond Nagusa.
    The Molzons are currently(and have been since they fairly recently gained FTL flight) ruled by a coalition of criminal organizations. These organizations are using Entirian muscle and murdering Sheromi to produce Shroom, a valuable anagathic compound.

    Many Entirian cults hold individual lives, even of their own kind, in fairly low regard, so the cult leaders are perfectly happy to send out some of their Friendly mercenaries in exchange for Molzon technology(weapons and spacecraft, mostly). Traders and exploration vessels that happen upon Tirizar or Terronda tend to pick up stealthy Entirian hitchhikers who proceed to murder the crew and hijack the vessels.

    When most of the Molzons learn what their governments(“mafias”) have been up to they may quickly overthrow them. Not because they’re enslaving Entirians, grinding up Sheromi to make drugs and having ships hijacked… No. They just don’t appreciate cheaters!

    The Sozarians travelled /laterally/ in time as well as back. The lifespan of their star is no limit, they’ve doubled back many, many times. When they make changes, they can travel at will between the timelines. I always figured the Doctor’s interest in Earth was because the Timelords were essentially humans from the distant future. A distant future. Maybe many distant futures…

    Frankly, I think the Sozarians have to have some serious limits on their activity or why do they let us play with our quaint little spaceships? Maybe I’ll trade that pollen addiction with the Sheromi…

    The Rwaddi don’t really spark anything for me, and I’ll leave the Qual to you, since you seem to have a warm spot for them. The Rwaddi, I don’t regret dropping, the Qual, I do. Beautiful peacocks roaming the universe killing off threats to peace and freedom like living Predator drones. What’s not to love?

    The Mustaffians… Oh yeah! Not sure what to do with them, yet, but I gotsta love da techno-snails! They’re definitely one of the things that keeps the Sozarians in their place…

    The Byzantine Bolugians, besides sounding like something out of Dr. Suess, should definitely add some color to the universe. I imagine rich people would invite Bolugians to admire their homes from up close.
    “It’s clear from the lovely violets on your wall that the Bolugians found your home intriguing.”
    “Why thank you!”