Alien Profile: The Imeran

The following alien profile was submitted by Eric Holland and Alex Hamrum, creators of the Dan’s Voyage webcomic. The ImeranĀ are one of the alien species that populate the Dan’s Voyage universe.

Spoiler Alert! The ImeranĀ have yet to appear in the comic. Fans of the webcomic, consider yourselves spoiler-alerted.

Imeran referance (2)The Imeran are a large lizard-like species from the planet Tyr, a small warm world in the Meir Cluster. Here they lived in small tribal groups with no organized government. The Imeran are a young race that only evolved relatively recently, and while their world was in no sense peaceful they were not burdened with Interstellar affairs.

This changed when the planet was colonized by a radical human religious sect from the Midgard Line that wished to break away from the star-nation. The Imeran were oppressed under the rule of this cult, and life was nothing but difficult.

A large group of Imeran managed to band together and get their hands on several spacecraft, with these they were able to shepard many of their people away to a distant habitable world. It was not easy for the Imeran to go from a tribal race to an interstellar power within a few decades, but fuelled by their anger they managed to educate themselves and get organized enough to form the “Vrokate” the smallest of the star-nations, and the only one not ruled by a human formed government.

Because they rose to prominence in such a short amount of time their government and economy has many flaws. After several generations many Imeran now live in horrible poverty, and a number of them have even left the Vrokate to live in the human star-nations.


Large and lizard-like, the Imeran are considered the most naturally powerful known race in the Orions Arm. Despite their lizard-like appearence they are not cold blooded, their internal body temperature is roughly 83 degrees Fahrenheit for the males and 78 for the females.

The Imeran are divided between two sexes like humans and most other races. Many people are shocked to discover that the females have no breasts, but being egg-laying quasi-reptiles they don’t have need for them. They lay clutches of roughly 5 eggs at a time that hatch into violet quadrupedal young that do not develop a bipedal stance until they are roughly 10 years of age, the same age they begin to speak, resembling 4 year old humans at this point.

The Imeran that live amongst the stars are mostly from the red/orange racial group found on Tyrs northern continent. The majority population of their world actually was a teal-skinned race that still lives in tribal groups on Tyr to this very day, very few teal Imeran make it into the outside galaxy. There is also darker green and yellow sub-races which exist in smaller numbers, these are slightly more common outside of Tyr and the Teal Imeran.

Behind the Scenes

The Imeran are probably the least developed of the Dan’s Voyage races, they appear very rarely and usually briefly. They were created because we wanted to have an issue where Dan fought a lizard/dino man like good old captain Kirk did.

Written by Eric Holland.

Artwork by Alex Hamrum.

Eric Holland and Alex Hamrum are the creators of the sci-fi webcomic Dan’s Voyage. Read the comic free at