Alien Profile: The Titans

The following alien profile was submitted by Eric Holland and Alex Hamrum, creators of the Dan’s Voyage webcomic. The Titans are one of the alien species that populate the Dan’s Voyage universe.

Spoiler Alert! The Titans have yet to appear in the comic. Fans of the webcomic, consider yourselves spoiler-alerted.

titan's - holograms left, titans right (2)It is well known that there was a sapient race that once inhabited Saturn’s moon Titan 40,000 years ago, their ruins are however scarce and mostly come from their prehistory, time doing away with their more modern technology. Ultimately almost nothing is known of them, not even the species name, but it is thought they are responsible for the moon’s Methane atmosphere.

Titan technology was entirely different from human technology, they found a way to use gravity to generate power, to charge airborne particles with electro-magnetic energy, and to tear doors open into other dimensions. But they almost completely lacked space travel technology, and had only just begun to explore the universe around them when their world reached an ecological tipping point.

This ecological tipping point was not specifically brought upon by industry, but it was a contributing factor, and soon most surface life was wiped out by the methane that choked the planet. To survive, the Titans tore a door open into what they call the “Null Zone” – a dimension where the physical form of a being is dissipated into a ghostly essence.

Here they survived in a sort of living death, in constant agony waiting for their moon to recover. Unfortunately while they were away Titan was colonized by Earth Corp, and while the Earth Corp did restore the moon to a habitable state the Titans had no intention of fighting with humanity for a world that was no longer their home.

Through the years the Titans communicated with and observed humanity through their interdimensional beacon plates. Learning the human language, and desired human forms, projecting themselves as holograms . Over time the holograms became more and more elegant by human standards as they were able to observe human behavior. (Image left)

Most people who encountered these holograms in the wastes of titans believed they were ghosts or hallucinations. And scientists consistently dismissed every sighting and refused to take the concept seriously. For now the Titans wait, hoping to seize upon any opportunity to escape both the Null Zone and their Homeworld that they can.


The Titans are short thick humanoids covered in stiff dry hair (Image right). Respiration plays a much less vital role in their biology, the gasses they breath being less important and more diverse than what humans are capable of breathing. Their movement is partially motivated by a natural pneumatic system.

Male and female titans are very similar, but females exhibit similar body language and shape to human females. reproduction is similar to humans but the gestation period is three months, and they typically produce litters of three, the process of birth is extremely painful for female titans, and a 48 hour birth is considered “short”. Part of the reason for this is because they are not placental, and they carry eggs internally, the hatching process is painful, and that pain carries over to the actual emergence of their young. As well there is a psychological toll as there are typically 1 or 2 stillborn in every litter. As a result of all this Titans rarely have more than one litter in a lifetime.


The Technology of the Titans is extremely unique, virtually everything they have is powered by Gravity-well generators which utilize a celestial bodies natural gravity to provide power, because of this their devices have potentially infinite energy. The downside of gravity-well generators is that because gravity is a weak force it works poorly with large-scale devices and doesn’t work at all in the vacuum of space. This technology may very well have been a contributing factor in their culture’s lack of space travel.

One of their most interesting technological accomplishments was their “EMP” technology. Their EMP generators charge airborne particles with electro-magnetic energy (Electro Magnetic Particle) which would essentially create hard holograms of a sort. These constructs had many uses in their society and all “holograms” are based on the technology. One of the most common devices that used this tech was known as an EMP Battery, a small EMP Generator necklace that partially interfaces with its users mind and allows them to generate constructs with practice. (Note: Titan EMP technology is very dangerous to modern Human descended robotics technology.)

Unfortunately most of this technology was lost as their world fell. And while many Titan scientists were rescued and kept alive in the null zone, not all technologies could be saved, not to mention that 40,000 years of conscious thought has degraded many Titan’s minds.

Behind the Scenes

The Titans are the first alien species to appear in Dan’s Voyage, they appeared at the tail end of the first issue and they provide a vital role in motivating the plot. It is the plot set forth by the titans that helps keep the team together, and provides Dan and TK with unique weapons that nobody else has. I chose to introduce the Titans early in the series in order to open up the universe to different possibilities and different forms of life.

Written by Eric Holland.

Artwork by Alex Hamrum.

Eric Holland and Alex Hamrum are the creators of the sci-fi webcomic Dan’s Voyage. Read the comic free at

  • I think the spoiler alert can be lifted. they have made their appearance sense this was posted 🙂