Alien Profile: The X’a

The following article was written by Will Brennom as an entry to the Alien August competition.


The X’a are an advanced hexapedal insectile species native to the planet of Tau Ceti e, only 11.9 lightyears from earth. They are about a meter tall and two meters long. The two rigid-looking arm-like structures are 7-jointed, allowing for a huge degree of mobility. Their eyes can see nearly the entire electromagnetic spectrum except for the low end, from low infrared down. They a small mouth on the bottom of what appears to be their abdomen, and they cannot smell. The three horns on their heads are sensitive to electric fields. They feed mainly on lichens found abundantly in the harsh desert conditions on Tau Ceti. The body of the X’a can extract water from the air and the lichens it eats, and so is only required to actively drink 6 liters of water every month. The planetary desert of Tau Ceti is harshest around the equator, but, despite this, many X’a still live there.

History and Society

Unlike many other insectile species across the galaxy, the X’a do not have queens. They actually were more democratic earlier in their history than any other species, and this is largely attributed to the fact that there is only one gender and shell color in X’a biology, and as such, the X’a avoided much of the unpleasantry of slavery and discrimination. Initially, before the industrial revolution of Tau Ceti e, or ‘Kōkat aka tee’ as it is known to the locals,
city or nation sized groups moved around the planet, were the Cetan dunes were not. As the dune seas moved, the X’a moved also. But with the coming of the industrial revolution, numerous technologies were developed to keep the dunes at bay. Some one hundred years after the Information Revolution of the X’a and after the colonization of some of the other worlds in the Tau Ceti system, the X’a unified into one nation and switched the governmental system to a Socialist Futarchy, where the populous votes on a future event or outcome, and works to achieve it.

Human Contact

As the X’a used high frequency waves to communicate wirelessly and not radio, they and us were thoroughly shocked when a manned colonization ship landed on Earth in 2810, shortly after the unification of Earth. It was a tense time, but, eventually, the X’a and Humans became some of the strongest allies that the other had. In 3104, the Humans and the X’a federation joined to become the ‘Free Empire’, which now spans the galaxy.

This article was written by Will Brennom as an entry to the Alien August competition 2015.