Alien Profile: The Whoosians

Whoosian - Troy Galluzzi

The Whoosians are a species of sapient amphibians native to the planet Choralorafax. They produce and release a virus from glands in their armpits, which acts as a natural defense mechanism.

Species Name: Whoosian
Homeworld: Choralorafax
Government Type: Capitalist
Technology Level: Space-flight capable

Physical Description

The Whoosians have the appearance of large frogs standing upright on two legs. They have two large bulbous eyes, green skin, and webbed hands and feet. Their diet consists of fruits and berries, as well as small insects.

Whoosians see best in low-light environments, and this is where they are most comfortable. While not entirely nocturnal, they do avoid the sun and become most active in the evenings and at dusk. They also prefer a warm and moist climate, and their spaceships use sprinkler systems to simulate the damp conditions of their home-world.

The most unique and interesting attribute of Whoosian biology is their ability to produce a virus (known as Whoosian Fever) and release it from glands in their armpits.

Whoosian Fever

The Whoosian Fever virus is produced in glands located in the warm and moist armpits of Whoosian children and adult males. Females typically lose the ability to produce the virus once they reach maturity, although some retain the ability, particularly if subjected to extreme levels of stress.

The virus acts as a natural defense mechanism, making it difficult for predators (and members of alien races) to approach, let alone attack a virus-producing Whoosian. The virus is generally not dangerous to most species, but it does produce uncomfortable effects, such as extreme nausea, uncontrollable vomiting, and fatigue.

Most Whoosians have no control over their virus glands and will produce the virus almost continuously, however virus production is known to increase with stress, during physical exertion, and when a fear response is triggered.

Whoosian Fever is only mildly contagious, but outbreaks have been known to occur without the presence of a Whoosian due to contamination of trade goods and infection of interstellar travelers. The virus is airborne in the immediate vicinity of a Whoosian but takes on a different form in an infected host, spreading through water droplets, mucus, and close physical contact. Outbreaks such as these are easily preventable by the application of proper hygiene, and the virus typically runs its course within a few days.

The Whoosians mass produce an antidote to their naturally produced virus, making it possible for them to interact with other species without causing too much discomfort. They are currently the only civilization capable of producing this antidote, and they have monopolized its sale and distribution.

Whoosian Society

Whoosians have a heavily mercentile society in which personal greed is encouraged. Governments on Choralorafax are generally capitalist and are run by major corporations, a council of internationally apointed ombardsmen being the closest thing to world-government.

Article written by Mark Ball.

Artwork by Troy Galluzzi. Visit Troy’s website at or follow him on tumblr.

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  • Bobby Canewish

    Nothing about specfic weapons, I see the picture is a Whoosian holding some type of Projectile Weapon and in the other hand, a type of melee weapon, maybe including something that effects a victim of the blow of the weapon the Whoosian Fever. Other then that this “race” is very cool.