Alien Profile: The Boloth

boloth, theName: Boloth

Expansion : 1 system

Home System: Orthom – GIIIa Main Sequence – Post Flare –
Home planet: Orthro – Garden world Type GWC A2
Spinward sector M-0 Galaxy – 15 o degree region -Outer 1a Outer – Union System
Union Member #: 3863
TL prior to Union membership : TL B
Physiology: Carbon based.
Dietary needs: LDLS consumers (Left turning DNA Helix , Left sided sugars)


Average of 36 m long x 12 m high and up to 5 m wide. With an average weight of 28 tons, these giants are among the larger Union member species. They enjoy long life spans and can reach up to 600 standard years.

Prior to Union contact, the Boloth managed to develop a crude pre-industrial society. Their intricate mouth appendixes allow them to manipulate tools but not to very small levels. Their eyes, stereoscopic are unable to see the items they manipulate. After Union Membership Boloths have Union Cybernetic attachments allowing them to use technology and communication devices.

Boloths are bi sexual with no distinct differences between females or males and outside of courting no cultural differences exist. Children (the young) are raised by the community. Boloths live long lives and procreate slowly. Now that they have more planets and more resources their numbers slowly increase. There are about 400 Million Boloth in the Union.


Due to their tremendous size, Boloth require more sustenance and have often, especially during their pre industrial development period, suffered many devastating times of famine and hunger. This led to harsh birth control laws and influenced their social development.

All outer differences between male and female have been eradicated either via disguises or self mutilation. Procreation is ordered by the authorities only if the population numbers drop and then a state lottery system picks the participants.

Boloth more than any other species find sex disgusting and immoral. Talking about even related subjects is taboo. The Boloth picked for procreation receive secret instructions as how it is done only a day before the state approved sex act.


Due to their many taboos related to gender and procreation, there is no distinct family structure and their prehistoric herd type society is only vaguely remembered in the gatherings of voices, a social political gathering that occurs once every planet orbit ( 1.4 standard years) during which adults discuss issues of communal importance.

Officially the young “appear” as gifts of Bolouth (their god) out of “nothing” and no one is allowed to ask how it exactly works. That is taboo (Even though many adults have their suspicions).

The young are raised by the Bevome, a priest like caste of mystics living on an island (Pregnant female Boloth are kept there until the birth of the young occurs). The Bevome are not allowed to speak to the young, Boloth learn speaking only after they leave the island.

Until after Union membership, the Boloth had a very high rate of post pregnancy suicides. Females suddenly realizing that they are indeed female and committed the crime of giving birth, often commit suicide out of shame.

Civic leadership comes from “Them who guide us and keep the wisdom”, a group of old Boloth who pick a new member for their circle if one dies.


After the Ebony Elfin joined the Union in 3871 (OTT) they shared their exploration records with the Union Science Corps – Explorer division. One of the records spoke of a brief contact with huge sentients only 45 light years from the home system of the Ee.

Since these reported sentients were within the Union Spinward expanse and in route of the planned HHW between Sares and the Thauran Kingdom, the USE Cousteau was dispatched to investigate and initiate first contact.

In 3872 (OTT) the USE Cousteau under Captain P’Tortkt made landfall on what would become known as Orthro, the home world of the Boloth. The Boloth remembering the visit of the Ee were not shocked or completely surprised that there was life beyond their own world. A First Contact camp was established. Despite their size and an Agresso Level of 7, contact procedures went well.

On 3873, a delegation of Boloth was taken on a Union tour and invited to experience a session of the Assembly. Utterly amazed about the diversity of beings and the fact that they weren’t the biggest or strongest sentient life form. The idea of becoming Union members took hold and in 3874 “Them who guide and keep the Wisdom” asked to be admitted. The subsequent PUMA process (Potential Union Member Assessment) delivered a positive report.

In 3875 the Assembly voted in favor of admitting the Boloth and they became Union Member #3863. Their Welcome Wagon included Bionic engineers to develop integration technology, such as Voice boxes, cybernetic mouth piece attachments to allow better object and tool manipulation etc.


1175 standard years have passed since the Boloth joined the Union. Their society is slowly changing into a less taboo dictated one. Food and sustenance is no longer an issue, Boloth are starting to travel and more and more of them finish Union School.

After Union Membership Boloths have Union Cybernetic attachments allowing them to use technology and communication devices. Due to their size they are restricted in what Federal Services they can join. There are Boloths serving as Union Rangers and Federal Police. The Union Spatial Navy promoted the very first Boloth Captain and gave him commission over the USS Belo Horizonte [1]

[1] The USS Belo Horizonte is highly modified Union HALD Explorer. Most of the modifications were done to accommodate Captain Loptar, a Boloth, and consisted primarily in the deleting two decks and making the under bridgee deck” compatible with the physiology of a Boloth, including a custom Command Chair that would raise up enough so that Loptar’s head and shoulders would appear in the main Bridge. Deck 2 also contains the Captain’s quarters and conference room/ office. Some other portions of the ship have also been reconfigured so that Captain Loptar is able to perform “inspection walks.” The USS Belo Horizonte is also noted for having the largest difference in size among the command crew, with the smallest member being a Mini Terran.

Article and artwork by Vanessa Ravencroft.

The Hotzies are featured in Vanessa’s “Galactic Chronicals” series of stories. You can find out more about the Galactic Chronicals and the many species that populate Vanessa’s universe via the GalNet wiki.

  • Kirov

    The whole taboo sex thing is really interesting. It must have taken a really, really long time for the taboo to become so strong, as evolution prior to intelligence would have dictated a strong urge to procreate, and many social behaviors should have been evolved to precipitate procreation. The long lifespan certainly would have helped overcome all that, though.

    • The idea was that herds of Boloth deplete the available food to fast and cause famine and hunger So they developed taboos in place of other birth control measures.

  • Jack Hemsley 1

    What is this Union?

    • United Stars of the Galaxies ( also known as “The Union”, formerly the United Stars of the Galaxy – before the spread into multiple galaxies)

      A multicultural, mega-society of the M-0 Galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy) founded in 2220 by uniting the Saran Empire, the Pan Saran Empire and United Earth into a new combined society. The actual date was the 1st of June 2220but the official date celebrated is 21st of June 2220 to accommodate the Ult who joined only days after the foundation of the Union. The Ult are considered Founding members.

      • Paulo R. Mendes

        Hummm… I also have a interspecies polity in my setting – it is called Interestellar Union of the Know worlds.

        • Why don’t you show us how its done?
          Seems you are the obvious master..Show nus your setting perhaps in a story or link to a story?
          I am here now for a year and I still waiting with the highest anticipation for that Alien that will put everyone else’s creation to distant seconds; that story starter that makes anyone want to get know that South American genius and read more…So when do we see Paulo’s Alien? Give me a link to that inter stellar Union of yours. I am sure you didn’t just make this up on the spur but have pages of material you can share with us lesser folk?

          • Paulo R. Mendes

            Easy (again), ok? I never called myself a “master”- I was simply giving my feedback about the different aliens. I never intend to offend you or anyone else. My problem is that I am a stupid 46 years-old guy that is tired of technobabble based sci-fi (no, Vanessa! I am not talking about your or everyone else setting) and loves use realistic science in his setting. And I was just observing how big, rich and powerful your Union is in comparison with mine (in my setting, it is impossible to travel to another galaxies – and if there is a way to do that, it was not yet discovered).

            I want to show to you one of my aliens in the Alien August, but I still tweaking (it is that the way to write?) them. 🙁

            • I was and I am not offended. I did lash on this statement Quote :” I prefer my science fiction with a little footing on reality, true science and physics: no technobabble, no psionics, etc. ”

              Every concept, technology, every alien..From the Camogi to the Bandrupo; is based on real life, real world science, theories (or at least postulated concepts)

              ‘Nuff said …Now I really look forward (as mentioned) to read about your Alien species.

            • Paulo R. Mendes

              Well, one of my alien species (and that I think I’ll use in Alien August instead of the two others I was hoping to use) is online in the Wiki that I created for my setting: they are called the Dishathi: . Please note that this is an amateur work and it is not final – if you give a look in the Main Page of the Wiki, you will see a really looong list of updates that I have done in the text and photos of this article. That said, please fell free to give your feedback or even change anything in that article! 🙂

            • I won ‘t change anything in your work. I read it and if it does become part of the Alien August I will comment of course.

            • Paulo R. Mendes

              Understood. And sorry for my observations about the Boloth – bad habits never die, you know? :p

            • Its okay as I said I was never offended and we “know ” each other long enough now… anyway..sort of so no worries

    • updated map

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    So, the Boloth use their mouth appendixes to manipulate tools, but were unable to see what they were doing before becoming members of the Union?! sorry, Vanessa, but I doubt that any species with such serious disadvantage would be able to create a technological society. Also, I don’t think that making Fist Contact with a primitive society is a wise policy – your Union should only admit a species that was able to achieve at least Tech Level 3.

    • It s like an Elephant can not really see relative small objects underneath the mouth, so it is manipulated by feeling more or less. Small object manipulation is needed for higher tech,The Boloth were at TL B ( A civilization reaches TL B when they start smelting the first tools, built their first settlements, begin agriculture and animal husbandry. The first trade occurs and the first travel (for trade and exploration) The first organized wars / battles. The first dynasties, kings emerge. Organized Religion and priests emerge. The first viable writing systems start appearing.
      So why would an Elephant like creature not be able to reach this tech level?
      Sorry Paulo, but the Union is not Star Trek. Why not making contact?
      The society was visited before, so Aliens were not an alien concept…

      • Paulo R. Mendes

        Elephants can easily lift small objects (tools) up to the eye level. Can your Boloths do such thing? and I know that your Union is not the Federation, but I still thin that is (extremely) unwise to introduce such primitive species to the galactic stage…but this is just me – like you know, I prefer my science fiction with a little footing on reality, true science and physics: no technobabble, no psionics, etc. So please, feel free to ignore my rumblings! 🙂

        • Yes they can lift it to their eyes but to manipilate it, to put a screw into a hole and use a screw driver, to solder a wire into place, to do similare tasks you need to see it and have at least two sets of manipulators. While a one armed man can do lots of things there are many more he simply can’t
          So you are saying “my science fiction” is not footed in reality. No science back ground at all?
          Did you read the links I posted regarding psionics?
          What country o9r what nation do you know that has perfect “policies” that are followed by all?
          No Pablo I don’t feel offended,”What does the Oak care if the Pig slings with mud?”

          • Paulo R. Mendes

            Easy, ok? I was just giving some feedback. But the GalNet is your child – you, and only you decides what is canon or not in your setting – and like I said before, ignore the ramblings of this annoying 46 years-old guy.


        Contact type

        Classifying contact to another civilization includes Contact Level (sentiment and nature of contact) and also contact type among other factors.

        Contact type is the level of exposure. The Science Council restricts or limits the Contact type to certain civilizations.

        Union laws prohibiting contact initiated to any civilization below TL 3 [1]. If such a civilization is discovered, the Science Council must be informed and the Science Corps evaluates the civilization and determines the Contact Type.

        First Contact procedures and laws are part of the Shipmaster classes any civilian must complete before receiving the Shipmaster patent that allows the operation of a FTL vessel.

        The Contact Types are:

        Contact -Prohibited

        Contact -Restricted

        Contact – Hidden Observation

        Contact – Concealed Contact

        Contact – Limited

        Contact – Open

        • Paulo R. Mendes

          Hummm… I liked of the Union’s policy for First Conctact. It is interesting.

    • Yep you are right ..making “Fist Contact” with a Boloth is sort of foolish, but then trying to win a boxing match against an elephant or even a gorilla (No tech at all) still might not be a good idea.