10 storylines from Star Trek: Online that could be used in the new Star Trek series

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This article was written for us by Chris Kentlea of Ennead Games

STO, otherwise known as Star Trek Online, is a MMO set in the Star Trek Universe. Due to the nature of it being a MMO it is not set in the “official” time line, but more runs parallel.

With the announcement of a new Star Trek series being planned, it got me thinking about the possible storyline that could be used. Some would be more suitable for single episodes, other for multi-parts or even an entire season.

Before I start, I should say that ultimately, these missions/arcs are ultimately my favourite ones. You may agree, or you may disagree. Also, there are spoilers ahead if you have not played the missions in STO. You have been warned. Also, with the exception f number one these are in no particular order. On with the list!

sphere of influence mission - holographic spheres

10 – Sphere of Influence

The activation of some old technology, allows the Romulans to discover something rather unexpected, a working Iconian gateway. Ultimately something goes wrong, and those present end up having to use the gateway to escape to… a dyson sphere far, very far from home, further than Voyager went. Featuring Ambassador Worf/the voice talents of Michael Dorn.

star trek online constitution class vs doomsday machine

09 – The Doomsday Device

The return of an ancient doomsday weapon by a Klingon called B’vat who planned to use it against the Federation, leads to one of the best cut scenes in STO in my opinion as K’valk sacrifies himself to save the rest of the galaxy against this uncontrollable weapon.

Qapla’ K’Valk, you drink bloodwine with Kahless now.

obelisk in sto cold storage

08 – Cold Storage

The ending of the Breen arc shows that there are plenty of species left in the Star Trek universe that can be explored. It also has a throw back to the Preservers. The new show has a lot of races to draw from, but there is always room for more. The Breen were not used much, although they played a major role in the Dominion War.

pran breen in cold storage

The question is what other species that have been mentioned in passing could be used? As you play through this arc you end up with some fancy new technology, such as what can best be described as a “cold gun”, maybe a new weapon for the series?

07 – Mindscape

The mission that brings Voyager and the Delta quadrant to STO. The entire arc is littered with reference and throw back to the events that Voyager had a hand in.

voyager crew

Too many episode of Star Trek in general are a “thing of the week” where something happens and then never mentioned again, what some called the “reset-button”. From a broadcasters point of view this makes things better as you can broadcast any episode in order, but the down side is there is a reduction in drama as you know it will all go back to normal within a week. Its a difficult balance to achieve, but I have always preferred those shows that had a story line through it, even if it was only for one season.

night of the comet nebula class starship

06 – Night of the Comet

Best way to describe this mission? Sling-shot. Yes that right, you have to recreate that scene from ST 4:Voyage Home and sling your ship around a star in order to travel back in time. Whilst there, you encounter a certain engineer and grumpy doctor.

Cross-over episode with other series within the ST universe is always possible, having too many would be confusing. Something like this would be suitable for either a short couple episodes or possibly a season as the ramifications of any changes made are dealt with.

Devidians from star trek online

You also meet the “Devidians”, a time-travelling alien that feeds on Human neural energy, mentioned in the episode of TNG “Time’s arrow”.

gates of grethor star trek online

05 – The Gates of Gre’thor

A Klingon mission where the crew have to fight the Klingon version of a demon, Fek’lhr, alongside the most revered figure in Klingon history, Kahless.

I have always felt episodes that explore the background of the cultures encountered helps to flesh out the various species rather than make them simply one dimensional warriors, or spies etc.

Star trek online prison Facility 4028

04 – Facility 4028

Ever what just what happened to the female changeling after DS9? Well it turns out she is needed for an important mission, the retaking of Deep Space 9. Whilst in itself it is not a major impressive mission, it does show part of the Federation that is not seen that often, like how they deal with prisoners.

Here, you can explore the prison, staffed with holographic guards, and peek into the cells of the different aliens held there.

Facility 4028

A faction of Jem Hadar want the Founder for themselves, so decide to turn off the security systems. You now have to fight your way through a prison filled with angry inmates and Jem Hadar who want your blood. But on your side you have a changeling who is willing to assist you.

the 2800 dominion ships

03 – Boldly They rode

This resembles the DS9 episode Way of the Warrior in that you have to defend DS9 from attack, this time from a fleet of Dominion (specifically “the 2800”, the 2,800 ships swallowed by the wormhole during a crucial moment of the Dominion war).

A battle on the front line is not something that would be suitable for an entire series, but DS9 proved that war is sometimes a necessary evil. The mission starts off with you, in a tiny space suit, walking on the outside of DS9 to get inside.

screenshot from boldly they rode star trek online

You have to deal with ships targeting you, electrical conduits arcing and other hazards of being in space. Then, when you get inside you have to fight your way to ops. All on your own.

starfleet academy

02 – Graduation Day

The first mission a federation player gets. This is essentially the tutorial mission as it takes you to the command of your first ship. A series following the path of a group of cadets as they gain entry into the academy, through the years and ultimately onto their ships is something that could build into a good storyline for the series.

The Klingon and Romulans have their own tutorial, but Star Trek has always been about the Federation first.

iconian portal

01 – The Iconians

The demons of air and darkness are back and they are not happy bunnies. This arc is the end of the a long journey that covers everything from Dyson spheres jumping about the galaxy as if they are planet sized carriers to time travel, to the return of some unexpected allies and enemies and the actions of a few deciding the fate for all.

It is revealed that the majority of the issues and trouble your character has been dealing with since the start of STO has been because of the Iconians. It started subtle, but gets more and more overt.

Star trek online dyson sphere

The Iconians in Trek lore were a very powerful race wiped out on their home-world many centuries before the start of the Original series. The ultimate return of a species that could give the Borg quite a bit of trouble would make the Dominion War seem like a small skirmish. Sacrifices made, plots hatched and much more.

The arc ends with a fight in Earth orbit that features all the allies, old and new, fighting together alongside each other is a last ditch attempt to try and change the past and prevent the war from occurring. However, what appears to be a minor betrayal turns out to be what caused it all in the first place.

In the end, an act of mercy or quick thinking in the past allows the players to save the future. There will still be those with both sides who will be fighting, but officially, the longest grudge a species has ever held in the Star Trek Universe is finally over.

Could this idea be used in a new Star Trek series?

Written by Chris Kentlea of Ennead Games

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    I would love to see the arc “The Iconians” of STO being adapted to the new TV series. 🙂

    • Mobius

      Oh yes agreed 100%. They have such potential to be both good enemies and allies