Top 10 Adorable Aliens

10. Corvan Gilvo (Star Trek: The Next Generation)Corvan Gilvo alien TNG

Remember when Riker and Worf saved two of these odd-looking creatures from a fire? They were two of only fourteen specimens of Corvan gilvo left in the galaxy, one of which belonged to Grand Nagus Zek. Gilvos are tree-dwelling creatures from the rainforrests of Corvan II but this pair was being transported to the protected planet Brentalia.

9. Mugato (Star Trek)

Yes, it’s the crazy gorilla monster from Star Trek. A native of the planet Neural, mutagos are vicious creatures and highly venomous too. But don’t you just want to hug this guy, sit on his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas?

The mugato was apparently inspired by the creature on the wing in ‘Nightmare at 20,000 Feet’. That is to say the designers were inspired, it wasn’t this mugato’s motivation for attacking Shatner (Although it was a pretty poor performance).

8. Wampa (Star Wars)

Hoth’s very own abominable snowman. The wampa seems to be a redesign of Mugato, only without the phallic symbol. Like Mugato, he wasn’t so bad, all he wanted from Luke was a great big hug. One lightsabre strike later and he’s limited to handshakes and patting people on the back. Thanks a bunch Skywalker.

7. Dr. John Zoidberg (Futurama)

Zoidberg is a Decopodian – a native of the planet Decapod 10. When he’s scared he squirts ink, when he gets emotional he vomits from both his fresh water and salt water stomachs, and when anything goes wrong Zoidberg gets the blame. He’s essentially just a big (and somewhat messy) children’s toy. You can even take him apart and put him back together – he’ll thank you for the attention.

6. Targ (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Klingon Targ TNGThe Klingon targ is essentially little more than a pig in a Mutago costume but it’s succeeded in capturing the hearts of millions. Some think it’s scary, some think it’s weird but most think that lil’ ol’ Targy is just adorable. The Klingons would seem to agree; the targ is a very popular pet on the Klingon home-world. It’s also a very popular meal.

I actually think this is a pretty effective design. Take one look at this freaky little thing and you know everything yo need to about the Klingon home-world – don’t go there.

5. Rhyl (Star Trek: Insurrection)

Part walrus and part Beanie Baby, this little critter was so cute he made Picard’s hair grow back.

Did they only put the rhyl in this film for the kids? Of course they did, but so what? Ok, so it’s a good for nothing little rodent that wouldn’t stay in your pocket if you plasma-welded it shut, but you couldn’t leave him behind in a cave could you? You heartless bastard.

4. Koba (Earth 2)

Koba alien Earth2Kobas are friendly little creatures from the tv show Earth 2. They are about 1.5ft tall, have claws and small tails, and make cute chirping noises. Although they are very passive creatures Kobas can also be very dangerous. Their claws are detachable and can be thrown like darts when a koba feels threatened. When embedded into the skin koba claws release a poison that makes humans fall into a deep coma for 48 hours. Victims are often so heavily comatosed that they appear to be dead.

3. Tribble (Star Trek)

They sooth the soul with their gentle cooing sound but multiply like Chinese rabbits. They’re too cute even to have sex, instead they’re born pregnant. This surely has to be the ideal valentines day gift.

Tribbles are native to Geminorum IV, a world in Klingon space. There they are hunted by a large number of reptilian predators – keeping their numbers in check – and by the Klingons, who have vowed to eradicate the species. In Star Trek: The Animated Series there were giant tribbles too, although these were genetically engineered and didn’t last long.

2. Puckmarin (Flight of the Navigator)Puckmarin alien Flight of the Navigator

The puckmarin was a strange and lovable critter from the 1986 film ‘Flight of the Navigator’. It had a prehensile tail and no back legs. It was also the last of its kind in the galaxy; it’s home-world (Binpuka Minor) was destroyed by a comet. Puckmarin, we salute you!

1. The Ewoks (Star Wars)

Ewok aliens Star WarsThe Ewoks need no introduction and no explanation. They are simply the cutest aliens ever conceived, and if you disagree they’ll kick your ass… in an adorable battle sequence!

Ewoks are native to the forest moon of Endor. They’re intelligent, resourceful and great with kids. They have only a primitive understanding of technology but are quick learners. They make their homes in trees, on lakes and on steep cliff faces. If you’re wondering, their language is called Ewokese.

Do cute aliens work in literature as well as on TV?

Sometimes they do. The trick is to never call your aliens cute (unless you are writing a children’s story or being intentionally twee). If you do, your readers may feel that they are being ‘forced’ to fall in love with a character and try their hardest not to. Just give as good a description of your alien as you can and imbue it with some lovable personality traits. Your readers will paint their own mental image. How cute that image is will depend on their particular interpretation fo your words.