The War of the Worlds: Updated and Reverse Engineered

The following article was written by science fiction author Steve Kelly.

War of the worlds updated and reverse engineeredWant a decent belly laugh for less than the cost of a hamburger with the lot? Well this is your meal ticket. Written in the style of the infamous ‘Wuthering Heights According to Spike Milligan‘ but with travel to another planet included in the price, and none of those silly period costumes involved, ‘The War of the Worlds – Updated and Reverse Engineered‘ is a definite must read. That’s mainly because I don’t have any plans to turn it into a talking book.

In the not too distant future, we do turn-about for the Martian invasion of Earth. This updated and reverse engineered version of the classic science fiction story by ‘what’s his name’ has been translated from the original Martian and includes a prologue, epilogue, translator’s notes and a sick bag for the faint at heart.

The chances of anything coming from Mars, having lunch on the foreshore at Darling Harbour and then returning to Chez Marvini de Martian sur le Canal for supper before midnight is astronomical the scientist said. He’d even bet a million to one on it with a colleague. This was enough to purchase two loaves of bread at current prices on eBay if he had won. He knew all about the astronomical prices being an astrophysicist. He’d even named his son Jetson in preference to Son of Jet. It is uncertain whether that was a good thing or not. Only a millennium’s worth of taunting by classmates will tell.

You won’t be able to put this book down unless you’ve purchased it in hard copy. Gotcha – not available in hard copy either. Hell, three bucks and it’s got more laughs in it than the Tom Cruise movie. And how much money did we all waste on that one?

‘The War of the Worlds – Updated and Reverse Engineered’ is available on Smashwords now for just $2.99 USD! Click here for details.

This article was written by author Steve Kelly as a promo for his novel ‘The War of the Worlds – Updated and Reverse Engineered‘.

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