Inspiration Gallery 1601 – Elite: Dangerous

I recently picked up Elite: Dangerous in the Steam winter sale and I’ve been playing it quite extensively for a week or so (apologies to all those people whose emails I’ve yet to respond to), so for this first Inspiration Gallery of the year I thought it would be fun to share some images from the game, since it really is quite stunning.


Elite gets a lot of things right, particularly in terms of scale and believable technology, and it’s the first game to feature a full true-scale map of the galaxy. Unfortunately I’m also finding it lacking in some areas. I won’t get into that here since there are many other blogs covering its achievements and shortcomings, but if anybody has any questions about the game I’d be happy to answer them in the comments.

The thing that’s really striking about Elite: Dangerous though is how good looking it is. A few of these images are concept artwork, but most are real in-game screenshots…











ED Beta 1 _Lakon Type 6











  • Jawad Hodgson

    Don’t have any questions for this game, but the it does look really beautiful! It’s defiently one I could possibly buy.I think I remember seeing the trailer for this game on YouTube.Wait I’ll have to lie. Sorry for the really bad questions.What platform did you buy your copy on? I’m gonna guess PC

    • I’m playing on PC (via Steam) but it’s also available for Xbox.
      Just be prepared for a steep learning curve followed by hundreds of hours of repetitive gameplay.

      • Jawad Hodgson

        Oh okay. I’m more of a PC guy, but I am pretty busy at school. I will wait a bit longer until I decide to buy this game.

  • too bad that such a beautiful game was made so empty and devoid of life

  • Kirov

    It’s an absolutely beautiful game. I’ve seen some amazing screenshots from this game, particularly now that planetary landings have come out. Here’s a link to some more if anyone’s interested:

    Also, Michael, I have to disagree. For an explorer such as myself, there’s life all over the galaxy in ED if you know where to look. Though I suspect you may have been referring to intelligent life, in which case I’ll point out the permit locked sectors we don’t currently have access to which are suspected of housing (in future content) Thargoids and potentially other unknown aliens.

    • I mean that it’s very vacant when it comes to interaction with others, as wel as intelligent life

      • Kirov

        You have a point there, but if you frequent the hotspots, you’ll run into other players all the time. Plus, that’s what wings and CQC are for.

        • I played again tonight (having put it down for 2 weeks) and I have to say I had fun running into some other human players. But it still feels very much like I’m going through the motions with no real purpose. I don’t really see a reason to keep playing.
          If all I’m doing is running into people in the street and fighting them, shooting without reason to speak to them, without cause or reason besides a few more credits in my account, if I wanted to do that I could just move to London.

          • I think that, really, the point of MMO’s is that you can show off your stuff, show what missions you’ve completed, etc, imagine if you could make your own shipping companies, hire ai drivers, maybe even add a nice story arc, maybe add some factions, these could all be ways to add depth to the game, and, by extension, reason to play

            • I agree Michael. It would be nice if I was working towards something other than just a bigger ship and more credits in my bank account.
              Apparently it is possible to start your own minor faction, but it’s a new feature and probably very complicated. I think you actually need to speak to the devs. I’m not sure how many player controlled factions there are so far, but it’s definitely a move in the right direction.

          • Kirov

            To each his own, but might I suggest that you’re both going about the game incorrectly? In my opinion, ED is all about data handling and analysis. If you’re an explorer, you chart out stars and log distances traveled and planet types encountered. If you’re a trader, you analyze the supply and demand of each station and each commodity to make a profit. If you like to fight, you declare allegiance to a faction, big or small, and manipulate the numbers of the background simulator to advance your faction’s status. People say there’s not a lot of depth, but if you look at the numbers and analyze all the data given to you, there’s a whole lot of depth. Maybe not the kind of depth that attracts most people, but I find it amazing. I’ve reached the point that I’ve considered writing python scripts to pull data from the game and put into a spreadsheet for analysis. It’s that kind of a game.

            • Yeh but numbers are boring. I need some kind of narrative. I know I’m supposed to make my own narrative, but I feel like they’re not giving me much to work with right now. Missions are randomly generated and given by randomly generated factions, so a lot of the time it feels like I’m working FOR a spreadsheet.
              Delivering X tons of vegetables might seem fun to you, but that’s what I do for money in the real world 🙂

              I’ve bought a new ship and an FSD interdictor now, so I’m having a little more fun, but it’s still very grindy. I’ve had a few missions with better text, even a touch of personality to some of them, so I do feel it’s improving slightly.

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    Beautiful. Game. Ever! *-*

    • That doesn’t make sense.

      • Paulo R. Mendes

        What you mean with that?

        • I mean it does not make grammatical sense.

          • Paulo R. Mendes

            And who cares? that was just a quick way to express my opinion.

            • I care. Sorry for letting you know how the English language works.

            • Paulo R. Mendes

              I KNOW how the damn English works! Who you think you are to waste time policing how the others write? I can express myself the way I want here, since I don’t be disrespectiful with the others users here.

            • I was just saying. I was just pointing out that what you said happened to not make sense. Wasn’t trying to upset you. Just relax.

            • I’m happy you’ve now fixed it.

  • JeredNA

    love the ring ship designs!

    • apstorm

      Those aren’t ‘ring ships’, those are stations. Though there are a few ‘megaships’ that players can interact with that have ring structures, but they act like space stations in all the ways that matter in the game.

      • Ooh, are there? I haven’t played since shortly after this article was written a year ago. Has much changed?

        • I picked elite up last year, some months ago i actually got a python, I’ve enjoyed being a bounty hunter and prowling the more lucrative mining spots in search of high paying targets