SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#4

Episode #4 – February 2014. In this episode of the podcast, David and Mark discuss a range of topics suggested by fans of SciFi Ideas, including alternate history, weapons and warfare, and genetic manipulation.


Launch Your Universe Ep#1:

Sci-fi Weapons – Energy (Cassidy Frazee):

Sci-fi Weapons – Balistic (Cassidy Frazee):

Alternate History Weekly Update:

Escape Pod – The ’76 Goldwater Dime:

Terraforming and Genetic Manipulation (Steven Lyle Jordan):

See you on Rovana (short story by Mark Ball):

Planet Generator:

  • Cassidy Frazee

    You guys should have interviewed me for the weapons; I could have answered a lot of questions for you. 😉

    • Yeh, I realized that while editing. We should have at least referenced your articles more. Poor preparation, I guess. We only had a two hour slot in which to record, and that would have been before dawn your time.

      • Cassidy Frazee

        Next time, then. I could tell you how those weapons should work, and then discuss how shows and movies usually get combat in space wrong.

        • We should have you as a guest on the show so that we can ask you about it directly!

          • Cassidy Frazee

            I’m only 5 hours behind you, so time isn’t that out of joint.

            • How about writing an article “Top things scifi movies get wrong” giving tips for scifi writers to make their stories more realistic and not prolong common errors?

  • Ben Daughtrey

    Great episode. You guys definitely have a talent for this. Both of you speak well without annoying “semantic noise” or awkward “dead air.” I listen to a lot of podcasts and I think if you guys stick to it, you’ll only get better. And I like how you guys don’t worry about being too “professional.” The joking about it at the end was funny. But I do have to turn my volume up really high to hear, which is definitely not a big deal.

    • That’s because I edit out all the awkward pauses 🙂
      Yeh, getting the sound levels right is an ongoing struggle. Sorry about that.
      Thanks for the encouragement Ben!