SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#3

Episode #3 РJanuary 2014. In this episode, we discuss alien morality and burial rituals, the SyFy title generator, and the awesome power of Magnus Robot Fighter.


Learning Curve by Dan Palacios:

The Eyeless Iridescent Jumper:

Would an Alien Make Candles out of His Dead Relatives:

Alien Profile: The Zenkrishans:

SyFy Movie Generator:

Magnus, Robot Fighter:

Music by Aligator Gumbo

  • Aidan

    Really good podcast. Especially liked the morality bit. Keep up the good work.

    • Mark Ball

      Thanks Aidan!

    • Thanks very much! Is there a specific topic you’d like us to talk about next time?

      • Aidan

        I’ll have a think and try and let you know tomorrow!


      • Aidan

        You have quite a few good articles on weapons so I was wondering your views on the warfare side of sci-fi. Do you think it crops up too much? Do you think that people use high tech current weaponry to often? Have you got any favourite ‘exotic’ weapons?
        Would be great to hear your views on the podcast.