SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#2

Episode #2 – The December 2013 episode of the SciFi Ideas podcast. In this episode, David and Mark talk about the illegal trade in downloadable memories, cat-guided missiles, and Captain Picard’s private washroom. They also indulge in a Christmas Sci-Fi quiz, which has nothing at all to do with Christmas but everything to do with promoting The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book.


Better than Starships: Satellites:

Featured Story: Strawberry Memories:

Cat Bombs:

The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book (US version):
(UK version):

Music by Aligator Gumbo

  • It looks like they are planning for characters to
    get out of the ships in Firefly Online. They call it “dirtside”

    • Awesome! I kinda thought they’d have to.

      The combat view kinda looks like XCOM.
      Imagine that, XCOM meets space exploration. I’d buy it, so long as there’s more than one pistol

      • Not sure I like the idea, because it means you won’t be able to roam free around the planet. Also I imagine it being a lot more like the turn based combat in FFVII

        • It looks like you’ll be able to roam freely, but the combat will engage a different mode. Of course, by roam I mean walk up to the guy behind the bar and ask him if he’s got anything to trade

  • John H Reiher Jr

    Space Above and Beyond, (Or as I called it “Space Above the Blonde”) was all over the place and violated most military doctrines. Marine Pilots don’t also do grunt work. It was just bad.

    • You’re right! Of course, it was the 90’s and pilots were incredibly cool, even though it’s difficult to create interesting stories about people operating joysticks

      • John H Reiher Jr

        It was most definitely inspired by WWII and Top Gun. It was basically WWII In SPAAAAAAACE!

        • Did you also notice that the first human colony in another star system was basically just a tent? Did the Chigs really destroy it, or was it just a strong wind?
          Also, if they only had one colony/tent, why did they have such a large military?

          • John H Reiher Jr

            Well, there was only one colony, the first colony, and it was destroyed by the Chigs. I think the show’s producers were still in the “Space Tramp Steamer” mode of colonization. With a containerize cargo, you’d expect to see a lot of cargo containers, a la Wrath of Khan, being used as shelters.
            The show was just bad, and I stopped watching halfway through when it was first broadcasted. People moan about it being canceled to soon, but it was canceled because it’s ratings just sucked.