SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#13

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In this episode we review the year 2015, discussing our favourite movies from the year and the the most popular articles on the SciFi Ideas website.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Show Notes

Planet Pailly –

Starting point: Artemis –

Starting Point: Law of the Lawless –

Solarpunk –

50 Ideas for Alternate History Scenarios –

How to Create an Alien Species in 3 Stages –

Science is the Bad Guy Now? –

Let’s Talk About What Simon Pegg Said –

  • Kirov

    Didn’t have time to listen until now, but my guess for your favorite movie is Alien. And I think Chappie was the best movie of the year, though I never actually saw Ex Machina.

    • Alien would definitely be in my top 10. Probably top 5.
      Chappie and Ex Machina are at different ends of the spectrum, so it’s difficult to compare, but I’d definitely give it a watch.

      • Kirov

        It’s definitely on my list, but it’s a long list. I don’t watch movies all that often.

      • I’ve really been wanting to watch alien, but I want to finish up a little project I have on right now, a sci fi horror story, and I dont want to have too much in common with alien, partly because of the work that would be required to eliminate similarities