SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#12

In this episode of the SciFi Ideas podcast we discuss the news that Star Trek is returning to TV, and we share our hopes, expectations, and ideas for the new show.

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  • I know that this is a bit outside of your area of expertise, but why not have a look at some sci-fi games? fallout 4 for example

    • Kirov

      I’d love if they talked about Marathon or Halo 1. The storytelling in those games is awesome. It’d also be interesting to look at the difference between crafting stories for games vs written media.

      • yeah, and let’s face it, games are the biggest entertainment industry of them all, they certainly shouldn’t be ignored

        • Hi I think this scifi games are definitely a great thing we can talk about! But I haven’t played the Halo games (I’m probably missing out, I know!).
          Perhaps you could record a short feature section for us about the ideas within Halo? About 10mins max? If we like it we could slot it into the show 😎

          • I don’t know much about halo, but I know someone that does, however, I would be happy to do the ideas within the fallout games

          • There is of course ST Online – and of course EVE (I play EVE now for seven years…and it too has quite the story)

            • Kirov

              I don’t play EVE. The game design wasn’t all that appealing to me, but the politics involved do sound pretty cool. I heard there might be a book coming out on the Fountain War?

            • After playing it for 7+ years..its sort of home…;-)

            • Kirov

              Yep, I can appreciate that feeling.

            • I personally don’t have any idea what EVE is about, I do, however, have a special place in my heart for the fallout games, you can just see how the game is lovingly crafted for the enjoyment of the player, tever bit of comedy, every bit of action, seems to contain the very soul of those who made the game, Games are art, an interactive three dimensional virtual world with a story that can change depending on what choices you make? how can that not be art?

            • I keep thinking I’d like to get into EVE, but then another part of my brain convinces me I’d be bored by it. I think I’m gonna wait for Star Citizen, although I might die of old age before it’s released.


              If you have an iota of Sci Fi geek in your blood….if you like space ships, battles, politics, heroes, traitors, ships that cost a lot!!! Skills that take month and years to learn….you will never be bored in EVE

            • Hmm, I dunno. It still looks 98% boredom, 1% running away, and 1% being a pawn in somebody else’s epic game of chess.
              I’ve never been a fan of RPGs, MMO or otherwise. I’m just not suited to that type of game. I hate games with skill levels, I don’t have the patience for ‘levelling up’, and I’m not social enough to enjoy joining fleets or guilds.

            • There I can only quote Frederick the Great saying “Le premier devoir d’un citoyen est de servir sa patrie” – Or ” To each its own” – Well if you hate skill levels and don’t have patience..then EVE is certainly not for you. But there is plenty of room for lone wolf gaming – exploring etc…and yes space battles are very satisfying …to me at least

            • I can project the space flight sequence on my wall lean back in my compfy chair and feel like Captain Kirk with nothing happening and feel as entertained as can be… While I cruise through these thinly populated fringe regions of EVE space..I issue order to my imaginary crew, and watch Mind Movie flicks…Yes I am a mega geek, but I always wanted to travel space…and if an unlucky noob or brave miner crosses my bow…well I do have a floating Skull and crossbones logo under my name for a reason…;-)

            • what about no mans sky? a map the size of a galaxy with full sized star systems and planets, unique flora and fauna, random generation, but, as of yet, no story

            • Yeh, No Man’s Sky looks interesting. Although as a procedurally generated universe I can’t imagine it’s gonna provide as much variety for exploration as people seem to be expecting.
              I’ll definitely be giving it a try though, and if there’s something of interest there we should probably run an article or two on it.
              I’ve also been checking out Elite: Dangerous, which looks stunning. No aliens though 🙁

            • Kirov

              I might be biased, but ED is definitely superior to SC and NMS. They are (or are going to be) all good games though. Also, the Thargoids are lurking, waiting, watching.

            • you should check out Rodina, I wont spoil anything, but you will love it

            • Looks good. I like that there’s a story to uncover. But Elite Dangerous has the same kind of seamless universe with planet landings on a galactic scale with millions of systems!

            • yeah, but from what I hear ED kind of falls flat on its face because of its scale, you barely ever come across other players and the star systems are very empty, but a noble attempt and a very impressive game nonetheless, but I think I’ll stick to ST online, I recently switched out my starship the USS Oppenheimer for a constitution class ship, the USS ambassador, I wish they would bring back the massive Borg attacks, they were great for XP grinding and stuff

            • well, we’ve been waiting for what? three years now? any way, the game has purple brontosauruses, and space bananas, what else can you ask for in a game?

          • I’m afraid I don’t have any audio recording devices, but I could collaborate with a few friends and send in a little article to you about video games, listing a few of our favorites (mine craft is currently my favorite, there’s people out there who make save files with adventures, one of my favorite being a comedy sci fi called deep space turtle chase, which includes the wonderful line “There! are! four! lights!”)

          • I think we’re both really missing out! It’s one of the biggest (certainly most financially successful) sci-fi franchises of this century, so we should probably see what all the fuss is about.

  • Kim

    The edited version is indeed much better than the raw version. Well done guys!

    • Haha yes, no toilet breaks or me waiting for Mark to order a curry!

  • Kim

    For a Star Trek series, perhaps it could be interesting to explore life on one of the colonies and the challenges one counters being the first comers to a new planet… but that could get old quite fast, I realise.
    Another idea could be something like the first inter-species exploration task force involving a Federation ship and a ship or two from other species and the challenges of creating a working task force together whilst going into deep space.
    Or maybe a Federation peacekeeping mission? It could allow some interesting parallels with the UN Peacekeeping operations and the challenges inherent to that…

    • Sounds good. I think New Frontier is essentially a peace keeping operation, although it only involves one Federation ship in an entire sector (I think. I can’t be sure having only read the first book of the series when I was a kid)

  • I would personally like to see what cardassia would look like (one of my favorite races) oh, and the cardassians too.

  • also, the chest is called “The luggage”

    • What do you think of our idea of having personal luggage drones that double as phones/tablets/R2 bots?

  • I’m surprised that no one mentioned the weird guys that look like princess leia dressed as a bounty hunter, the ones that aided the dominion

  • Leonardo Faria

    What about a radio echo from a black hole with a human voice saying: “Hello USS Defiant. My name is Gene Roddenberry”?

  • John H Reiher Jr

    Well, if they don’t address the problem of transporters, i.e. they don’t require a receiver to rematerialize transported people, you have a weapon and plot breaker. If you have to land a shuttle with a transmitter/receiver for you to teleport on down to the surface, defending the shuttle becomes a necessity. Otherwise, you get an amazing device that operates on magic and has to break down every episode.

    • Not magic sheesh….It’s the Heisenberg compensator … You say magic and our South American friend will call for Captain Grumpy-Pants

      • how does the Heisenberg compensator work? very well thank you very much! XD
        also, I noticed something about star trek, all of the best characters are bald, Picard, the EMH, Reginald Barclay, all of the ferengi, they are all bald!

        • How it works, exactly like that: It has six Schroedinger Modules, that are connected via the Einstein-Rosenbridge simulator. Each of the N dimensional sides are sitting on a bed of Quantum foam. If triggered correctly when the Moebius band reaches the forth loop in a trilithium omnium moment, a Max Planck particle creates a Heisenberg situation that is compensated….You didn’t know that? 😉

          • are you sure the writers of star trek know that? XD

            • I am pretty sure, I am the one [1] who has to realize and visualize what they come up with….Most common Writer explanation: It sounded cool…

              [1] Well not always Star Trek

  • Steven Lyle Jordan

    Very good points about episodic television: It’s true, having to wait until you know everyone’s seen a new show does cramp the social dynamic of discussing shows… at least until you KNOW everyone’s caught up.

    • Yeah I think it’s a big problem hampering shows. Mundane crap like celebrity dancing or talent shows get talked about so regularly, and I want intelligent drama to get the same treatment

      • David …panem et circenses The masses want to be entertained…the closer we dance to the edge of the volcano the flashier and more mind numbing entertainment gets…Judging by the recent fare …I say whatever comes is big…

        • as long as you dont take part, you wont be corrupted, do not come to the games lucius…

          • BTW, I don’t remember where my quote came from but I’m pretty sure it was Pliny the younger writing to a friend about the Colosseum

  • oh God, I just went on to you tube and got some very bad news, there’s gonna be a new star trek movie!

    • It looks pretty much the same as the previous two. Something else for me to ignore.
      What about that new Independence Day trailer though?!

      • well, I don’t wanna get my hopes up, but yes, I want it now.

  • Some more about the TV show ideas proposed in this video.