SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#11 (Alien August Special)

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Congratulations to the winner of the Alien August competition 2015. You’ll find out who it is at the end of the show (after listening to us drone on for about 40 minutes).

Show Notes

The Kwo:

The Goesi:

The Mindswarm:

Erebusian Nightstalker:

Starting Point: Bovipocalypse:

  • John H Reiher Jr

    The solution for all arthropods is not necessarily lungs. Instead, I’d suggest something like gills and a diaphragm to pull in air over the gills.

    Congratulations to Steven Lyle Jordan and his Mindswarm!

    • J.I. Borrero

      Relevant to what you said, the author of this post suggested:

      Maybe the animal has book lungs like a spider, or maybe the spiracles of an insect have branched inward, becoming an air-filled tracheal system intertwined with the fluid-filled cardiovascular system of blood. Each leg has its own “cardio-pulmonary complex” associated with it, plus a big one in the belly to feed the organs.

      Rather than breathing in and out, these animals breath THROUGH, with air entering the system through spiracles near the head and exiting near the ail. Air is pumped by action of the muscular blood vessels that wrap around the tracheal tubes, or by muscular contraction of the whole abdomen (like a balloon inflating and deflating). Running also generates more flow-through.

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… huh?! what?! oh, yes! congratulations to Steven Lyle Jordan! you and your Mindswarm can be win the competition this year, but next year, I WILL WIN!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! COF! COF! COF! COF!!!

    • The Kwo were definitely a close runner up. If I could have awarded it for multiple entries, the Kwo and Goesi collectively would have been clear winners, but that would have been moving the goal posts.

      • Paulo R. Mendes

        Yes, the Kwo and the Goesi are a great duo! 🙂

      • Well that didn’t seem to be a real big problem…for ..uhm well
        Rick Grimes …:-) Adjusting goal posts I mean

  • Well deserved Steve!

  • Kirov

    Congrats Steven! It was a great entry and well-deserved. Props to everyone else that entered as well, there were a lot of cool entries this year.

  • J.I. Borrero

    Congrats, Steven! o/

    I’m glad to have had the kwo and the goesi mentioned on the show. I guess you can say it how you like, though I sat it “go-ey-see”. I could easily imagine it being an American/Brit thing, with Americans saying “go-ey-see” and Brits saying “go-ee-see”.

    I looked back at what I wrote about the kwo religion and realized that it did remind me a bit of maybe a secular Western Buddhism. It kind of goes to show how much chance can play a role in creating art/fiction, because they originally had the “one death-god” religion that I wound up giving to the uwan Mriudaths. I realized I couldn’t just use the same thing, so I used the idea of a “Will” (loosely cobbled together from some half-understood bits of philosophy) and combined that with a kind of secularized ancestor/hero worship.

    Also, if the subject of aliens goes to mating, it seems to make sense to me. It’s a very “life”-like thing to (pardon the phrasing) do. 🙂

    Also, Mark, thank you for giving me a frame to tie together the aliens and the Auzulith Radiant. I actually have not yet written a story set in this universe, and a huge part of it was not having something to tie everything together and explain WHY this ship fled here and why it was stranded here. But then you goaded me to make a cordyceps fungus alien (the Inbis) and it just tied everything together!

  • the new terminator was awful!

    • We might have to run through all these recent movies next time. I’ve missed a lot!

  • interesting ideas came into play this month! also, I’d just like to say this, everyone did marvellously!

  • Steven Lyle Jordan

    Thanks so much, everyone, not the least being the judges… I’m still basking in all the compliments I’ve gotten from everyone else on the site! It’s always great to be appreciated!

  • I’m glad you liked my alien. 😀 now that you mention it, it does kind of look like Jake the Dog lol

    • I might make one that looks a bit like a human wearing a white hat with ears!

      • Astrobiological!

  • watch out everyone! i just got back from a writers festival and I’ve been given advice from published writers! prepare to be destroyed next year!

  • perhaps the verdict could be changed with a little…. incentive?

  • I would love to see zefrank1 make videos about our aliens 😀

  • Jack Hemsley 1

    When is there going to be a new podcast?

    • When we both get a weekend free to record. I don’t know when that will be. Dave’s getting married this weekend!

      • Jack Hemsley 1

        Great news for him then!