SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode #1

Episode #1 (although technically the second episode) of the SciFi Ideas podcast, in which David and Mark discuss a range of topics from terraforming Venus to the BBC children’s animation The Clangers, and our Halloween story by H. G. Wells.


Terraforming Venus:
Shell worlds:
Story Idea: The Trespassers:
The Story of the Late Mr Elvesham by H. G. Wells:

Music by Aligator Gumbo

  • John Henry Reiher, Jr

    The Shell Word idea is not new. L. Neil Smith wrote a novel, Pallas, about putting a “Bag” around the asteroid Pallas. However, I can’t recommend the book, as it’s a Libertarian Wet Dream story and is full of straw men and unintended counter examples.

  • John Henry Reiher, Jr

    I’ve seen a few of the Clangers on YouTube. They were interesting. 🙂

    As for Wristify, there is a cooling glove device to help athletes cool down after a lot of exertion. It covers the hand and runs cool water in tubes around the hand reducing the body’s core temperature. I bet the opposite would work in a cold environment. You still want to wear warm clothing, but you could extend your endurance with such a device in the extremes of temperature.

    Finally, I’ve read the H. G. Wells story before, and as you pointed out, it’s been done to death by other writers and TV shows.