Planet Profile: Arethusa

Arethusa is a FICTIONAL planet dominated by large shallow seas and small island continents. Its seas appear green because

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The versatile genre of science fiction has shown us many interesting worlds, and not just different planets. The future

News: Alien Week begins August 22nd

The fourth week of August (22nd - 28th) will be designated "Alien Week".

Dystopian Worlds in Science Fiction

The versatile genre of science fiction has shown us many different worlds, and I don't just mean different planets.

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Here's an idea for a science fiction story set on Mars. It's still lacking in both plot and characters,

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Writing large numbers of characters in any fictional work can cause confusion for the reader. This is especially true

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The world of science fiction literally epic and incredibly complex. The genre can be divided into dozens of subgenres,

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I recently came across this article on and did a fair amount of head scratching. It details a

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After the Alpha Centauri System, Epsilon Eridani is the most mentioned star system in science fiction, but what is

What’s Really in the Alpha Centauri System?

Alpha Centauri is to science fiction what Amsterdam is to teenaged boys; a distant glimmer of hope, seducing us

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Story Idea: Bypassed

A group of humans set out to colonize a world in a distant star system. Traveling at sub-light speeds

A Sexy Guide to Structuring Your Story

This is an approach to story structure taught to me by my old creative writing lecturer, Nick Pemberton. He

Would an Alien Really Have Three Eyes?

Answer: Sure, why not? Most species on Earth have two eyes, but there are many species that have more.