Welcome to SciFi Ideas!

If you’re reading this in February 2011 then you’re probably wondering where all the promised science fiction ideas are. Well, we’ve only just launched.

Over the coming months I’ll be posting articles on science fiction, fanfiction and roleplaying, as well as offering some ideas and advice to writers.

I’ll also be encouraging readers to share their own science fiction ideas, as well as setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can follow us more easily.

Why? Well, we believe that too many good ideas go to waste. In a world where truly original ideas are increasingly hard to come by no idea should go unconsidered, whether it makes it through to the development stage or not. Inspiration is everything. Even if an idea proves to be too dull, too unwieldy or simply bad it could still set a lot of metaphorical brain-cogs in motion and lead to an even better idea down the line.

If you have an idea you’d like to share with us don’t be afraid to get in touch. You might not have the time to develop your idea or simply feel that it would be better realized by somebody else.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the content to come.