The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book

You may have noticed that we’ve been promoting a few books recently at SciFi Ideas. Well, now I have a book of my own to promote. This is a little side project I’ve been working on for a while; it’s called the Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book, and it finally hit the shelves over at last week.

The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz BookThe Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book contains over 750 of the geekiest quiz questions you’re likely to find anywhere. The questions are split into 7 categories, each containing tricky single-answer questions and slightly easier multiple choice questions.

  • – Aliens
  • – Systems and Worlds
  • – Spaceships and Technology
  • – Literature
  • – TV and Movies
  • – Characters and Actors
  • – Misc

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.
Here’s the blurb:

Challenge your friends to a geek-off to the death, or test your own sci-fi knowledge in a battle of wits against this awesome tome of useless geek trivia.

With over 700 science fiction quiz questions in 7 categories, each with its own multiple choice section, we believe this to be the biggest and best science fiction quiz book currently on the market.

The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book is currently available at and will be available on Amazon soon. For those of you who have joined the eBook revolution, an electronic version of the book is also available in the Apple iBookstore. Purchasing a copy will help support me in my writing, allowing me to continue sharing my ideas and articles with you all through SciFi Ideas.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu. Currently available at the promotional price of £5.54 ($9.37).

This article written by Sci-Fi Ideas administrator Mark Ball.

Update: The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book is now available at and

  • Just added this to my wish list on Amazon.

    • Thanks James. I hadn’t realized it was on Amazon yet (you’d think they’d send you an email to say it’s been approved).
      When you do buy it, can I ask you to leave a review on Amazon? It would be a big help. Thanks