This New Sci-Fi Magazine Is Even Better Than We Were Expecting

This week saw the launch of a brand new online science fiction magazine. The e-zine is called SciFi Max, and it’s well worth taking a few moments (or hours) to check it out.

SciFi Max issue #0

The new magazine is brimming over with fantastic science fiction artwork, comics, RP resources, and short stories. And yes, you’ll notice my name appears on the credits list too, alongside the likes of Bob Bello (Timeship Radio Drama / Starcall) and comic book artist Tom Rasch (Black Alpha).

The first issue of SciFi Max (designated issue #0) is available for FREE via

SciFi Max has been created by artist turned editor Peter Saga. Peter previously ran the popular Science Fiction Freedom magazine, but had to abandon the project due to other life commitments. Now he’s back on the publishing scene and is determined to create a worthwhile and enduring successor to Freedom. If this first issue is anything to go by, he’s right on target. Peter has done an excellent job building enthusiasm for the magazine, collecting content, formatting and editing it into something that surpasses professional and approaches stunning. This, of course, being the great advantage of online publication; with no print costs, e-zines such as this are able to be as graphical and colorful as they please while remaining completely FREE to consumers. It’s an advantage SciFi Max is making full use of.

While publisher Peter Saga is currently calling issue #0 of SciFi Max a trial run, with no publication deadline set for episode #1 so far, the positive feedback the magazine has already garnered is a sure sign that the magazine will achieve regular publication in the near future. Watch this space. And in the meantime, please do treat yourself to a taste of the juicy, sweet, sci-fi goodness in issue #0.