News: Featured Stories

For some time now, we’ve been considering the idea of allowing writers to share their short stories on SciFi Ideas. So far, the official line has been that SciFi Ideas is not a forum for writers to share their work, only their ideas, but as we’re all about inspiring writers – and as literature is one of the best sources of inspiration – it’s always seemed a shame to close off that particular avenue of expression.

The official line is now changing. Starting very soon, we’re going to begin sharing short fiction right here on the SciFi Ideas website, and we’d like to encourage you all to get involved.

This is an open call for submissions. Science fiction writers should send their short stories to for consideration.

We won’t be publishing every single science fiction story we receive, just one story per month as a “featured story”, so only our favorite stories will make it through the selection process. To make it onto the site, stories should be original, creative, and well written – and we won’t be publishing any fanfiction. We’re also asking that stories be no more than 10,000 words in length (while we aren’t restricted by any print limitations, I doubt many people would enjoy reading a story longer than that on a website).

As the name of our website suggests, we’re interested in receiving stories that fit into the science fiction genre, not fantasy or horror. However, as science fiction is a very large and open genre that tends to cover a lot of ground, we’re happy to apply a fairly loose definition and extend it to include steampunk, alternate history, slipstream, sci-fi horror, and other crossover sub-genres.

Unlike the rest of the website, the featured stories will be published under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license to protect your work against plagiarism.

Happy writing, and I look forward to reading your short story submissions.

Mark Ball (SciFi Ideas administrator)

  • DJV1985

    What happens to the copyright of the story. Would it still belong to me or would u own it for a period of time like other websites. Please answer as I would like to submit.

    • Thanks for asking. You retain full copyright on your story. If you need us to take it off the site for any reason (for example, if you decide to publish elsewhere and the publisher needs exclusive rights) just ask and we’ll comply immediately.
      As stated above, we apply a Creative Commons license to protect your story. While this is done under our name, we don’t claim any ownership of your story.