New Worlds Project Trailer – a SciFi Ideas Exclusive

Yesterday I shared with you an interview with New Worlds Project co-founder Kim Smouter, in which we gained an insight into the history behind the RPG and details about it’s upcoming re-launch in January.

Following the interview, Kim offered me the opportunity to get a first look at the brand new trailer for New Worlds Project, exclusive to SciFi Ideas. Here it is. You saw it here first!

There’s very little to say about this; the trailer speaks for itself, and it can’t give us any ideas about what is going to happen when the New Worlds Project goes live, because the story hasn’t been written yet. That’s what’s so exciting about this.

All we can glean from this is that the Earth will be teetering on the brink of an interstellar war at the outset of the game (in fact, from yesterday’s interview we know that several alien factions throughout the galaxy will also be arming for war). Wouldn’t it be interesting if the players decided to destroy the Earth in the very first month of game-play? Or perhaps they’ll be able to negotiate a new peace treaty, scuppering the GM’s plans for an exciting interstellar war. I guess anything can happen.

While the setting, aliens, and the situation at the outset of the game have been inspired by its previous incarnation, the way the story (or stories) will evolve will depend on the community as a whole.

I’ve always been interested in play-by-post role-playing games likes this, but I’ve never taken part in any (despite my brother running the Ongoing Worlds role-playing community). The reason being that it’s sometimes difficult to enter into a continuing story once it has already begun. The re-launch of NWP is providing an opportunity to get involved right from the start, although it also has the additional advantage of having already been a thing – and a very successful thing – several years previously.

I probably should point out, though, that NWP is more than just a play-by-post game, and it’s not just one story but a potentially limitless number. The developers are making a real effort to draw in people from several different backgrounds – not just amateur and experienced writers, but also artists and musicians. They’re trying to create an entire universe, and an entire science fiction franchise.

It’s ambitious, but judging from the work that’s gone into it so far, I’m sure it’ll be a success.

If you’re interesting in finding out more about the New Worlds Project, there are several links you can follow: The old website is still live at with info about the project and news about the re-launch, and the new website will be fully active as of January 2nd 2016. You can also follow New Worlds Project via Facebook, You TubeGoogle+, and Twitter. And of course you can check out my interview with NWP co-founder Kim Smouter.

NWP 2 january