Introducing the SciFi Ideas Alien Name Generator

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Having trouble thinking up names for your alien characters? How about “Yhevot“, “Exasfiss” or “Ctvak“?

Thinking up unusual and interesting alien names for your stories and games can sometimes be tricky. It should sound strange enough to be alien, unique enough for your audience to remember, and yet be simple enough that readers will still be able to pronounce it. Most importantly of all, your alien name should match your character’s personality and your imagined alien culture. Sometimes, all it takes is for somebody to throw a few ideas and suggestions your way for you to decide what you do and don’t want to use. Well, ideas is what SciFi Ideas is all about!

Introducing the new SciFi Ideas Alien Name Generator!

We’ve created this handy random name generator to give you some inspiration when creating names for your alien characters and NPC’s. The SciFi Ideas Alien Name Generator randomly generates three strange and unusual names for you to consider. Refresh the page and it will quickly generate three more. Refresh the page as many times as you like until you find something you like, or until the influx of new ideas forces your brain to come up with something of its own.

The name generator is programmed with enough data to generate several hundred thousand possible alien name combinations, so it will likely never run out of suggestions so long as you use it, and the names generated are likely to be highly unique.

Of course, the alien name generator isn’t perfect; some of the names it comes up with are pretty wappy, but many are also perfectly usable too. Just keep clicking refresh and see what you get. Here’s an example: “Ibgfaf“.

Use the Generator

Try the SciFi Ideas Alien Name Generator now!

Using the alien name generator couldn’t be simpler, just click the link above and refresh the page to generate more random alien names.

We hope you find this resource useful. Please feel free to let us know what you think, and we’d be grateful if you could help us promote this new resource by sharing it with your friends.

Coming Soon

We’re currently working on adding more name generators of this type to the website so that we can help you find names for your human characters, space ships, planets and star systems. Watch this space! (or like our Facebook page to¬†receive¬†updates to your Facebook wall)

Update: The SciFi Ideas Spaceship Name Generator is now online and can be found here.

Update: The Star System Name Generator is also now online. You will find it here.

This article was written by SciFi Ideas administrator Mark Ball.

You can use the Alien Name Generator by clicking here.

  • Bryan Neeley

    well one alien race in my story is called team switzerland because they believed in complete neutrality until their solar sytem was destroyed by the bad guys with the super nova weapon. these aliens believe in a god like being and have a form of heaven and they shape shift alowing them to be used as infiltraters and spies.

  • So they named themselves after a small, relatively insignificant country on Earth which happens to be neutral too? That sounds implausible.
    Also, why are they called a “team” when they are a species?
    It would be like the entire of Humanity calling itself “The Naboo Group”.