Introducing the New Alien Species Generator

Ungooma - AscendancyOver the past few weeks I’ve been working on a new random generator that puts our previous alien name generator to shame. It’s called the Alien Species Generator, and it randomly creates both names and descriptions of alien species.

As with most things at SciFi Ideas, the purpose of the Alien Species Generator is to help science fiction writers come up with new and interesting ideas. It does this by creating random alien species for you to use in your stories. Each alien species has a randomly generated name, home-world name, and description. Descriptions vary greatly and include both randomly selected physical characteristics and societal traits. To increase the number of outcomes that can be produced, I’ve programmed the generator to use components from our existing Alien Name Generator and Star System Name Generator.

Warning: Imagination required. Obviously I haven’t been able to work images into the generator, so a little imagination is required. Also, due to the random way in which the species descriptions are created, some will be much better than others. You may have to cycle through a few before you find something worth using. Like our other generators, simply refresh the page to generate a new alien species.

Try the Alien Species Generator Now!

We hope you find this useful, or at the very least fun.

  • I could waste hours playing with this thing.

  • neongecko06

    “A race of intuitive and inventive creatures. They share their home star system with a race of enormous space-dwelling lifeforms, which they harness and use as a means of transportation. A state lottery reduces population growth by killing those who win. The lottery is entered by drawing free money from a lottery cash machine. The more money they take, the higher the probability that they will be killed.”


    • That’s a good one. I wonder if there are lottery cash machines aboard the space-whales. There’s a short story in that, I’m sure