Fake UFO Photo Contest

Alien UFO Research is holding a fake UFO picture contest to try and uncover how easy it is to manipulate the pictures that people submit trying to prove that UFOs are real. The prize for the winner is one that will last a lifetime.

Every year around the world, people report UFO sightings and sometimes even abductions. Some are easily found to be a hoax or can be identified as something else of this world, such as a plane or a weather balloon, while others continue to be a mystery.

“Every year we get hundreds of pictures of what people claim to be real UFOs but most of the time, while the submitter has the best of intentions, we find that they simply aren’t of extraterrestrial origin.” said Joel Richardson of Alien UFO Research.

fake UFO pic2That’s why they set up the contest, which runs from April 1st to April 30th. With UFO investigators and Photoshop experts judging the contest, they feel that they will get a better understanding of what amateur and semi-amateur photographers and graphic designers are able to do.

The contest is easy. You simply have to read the rules on the contest page and create an original fake UFO picture using any technique you wish, including but not limited to Photoshop, camera tricks, or even props. Submit the picture to the email address on the page with your name and how you achieved faking the image, and your done.

The prize for the most creative and most realistic looking fake UFO picture is a star to be named after the winner through the International Star Registry. The prize includes the following:

  • A beautiful 16″ X 12″ full color parchment certificate personalized with the star name, date and coordinates.
  • A Personalized 16″ X 12″ sky chart containing the star name, star date, the constellation and the location circled in red where the star is in the sky.
  • A booklet on astronomy written by a professional astronomer with additional sky charts.
  • A letter of congratulations/memorial for the recipient.


If you have the skills, or you just want to exercise your creativity, you can submit your pictures here and possibly win your name in the heavens for all of time.

This article was submitted to us by Alien-UFO-Research.com. For more information about the contest, visit http://alien-ufo-research.com/news/2012/fake-ufo-contest.php.

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  • Not to knock them, since I do believe that there are other intelligent species out there. I just don’t believe that they would travel thousands of light years to put probes up people’s bottoms and to harvest cattle anuses.

    However, I might be tempted to make a fake UFO image. It won’t be the first one I’ve made:


  • I’ve read (and written) quite a lot about UFO’s. While I don’t think aliens have visited us, UFO encounters do provide a lot of evidence of fishy goings-on. In fact, I think the whole alien connection holds UFOlogy back considerably.

    You should enter your picture to the competition. You may as well.