Coming Up on SciFi Ideas

After a great first week for SciFi Ideas I thought I should give you a look at what’s to come. Here’s a list of upcoming articles and topics we’ll be covering over the next few months…

  • Designing a star system
  • Interesting scifi locations in our own star system
  • Colonizing Mars
  • Designing an alien species
  • 12 ideas for Battlestar Galactica roleplaying games
  • A sexy guide to structuring your story – based on a strategy my old university lecturer taught me
  • Ice worlds
  • Tidally locked worlds
  • Orbital rings and Dyson spheres
  • How many habitable planets can I fit into one star system?
  • How much science should there be in my science fiction story?
  • Alternatives to faster than light travel
  • Spin the genre bottle (writing exercise)
  • Colonizing the future
  • The flora and fauna of Pandora (Avatar)
  • Star Trek aliens that should make a come-back

…plus reviews, top 10 lists and ideas for science fiction stories.

In April we’ll be marking St George’s day by celebrating British science fiction and David from has promised to share some of his science fiction ideas with us too.

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