Alien August 2015 Has Arrived

The bad news is that July is over.

The good news is that August has arrived. And it’s not just any August, it’s Alien August here at SciFi Ideas!


Throughout the month we’ll be sharing articles about extraterrestrial life, ideas for new alien species, and inspiring alien artwork. We’ll also be encouraging you to create your own alien species and civilizations and to share them with us as part of the Alien August competition.


The main event, as in previous Alien August events, is the Alien August Competition. To enter the competition, we’re asking you to create your own alien species and to write an article describing them. All the competition entries we receive will be posted right here on the website.

Full details of the Alien August competition can be found here.

I’ve already received several competition entries, and these will appear on the website within the next few days.


We’re hoping to bring you lots of guest articles this year. Anybody who’s interested in authoring a guest article should email me at

James Pailly’s regular Sciency Words feature will also be taking a detour from its trip around the Solar System to examine some xenobiological lexemes.

Good luck with your competition entries, we hope you enjoy all our fresh content, and here’s wishing you all a very alien August.

  • Jack Hemsley 1

    Is a picture needed for the alien article?

    • It’s not a requirement, but I do prefer to find a suitable image if I can. Send your competition entry and I might be able to suggest a pic that matches (I’ve got lots stashed away), if not we’ll just post without one.

  • If it is not too dangerous or too difficult. Pictures are nice, Mark often travels to the far reaches of the universe to bring us pictures (see his inspiration galleries) but sometimes a description will be fine…

    • Thanks V.
      Well, not exactly the far reaches of the universe, just the distant corners of Deviant Art 🙂

      • Aww and there was I thinking you and your trusted transspatial delivery truck traveling faster than Dr.Who snapping all those images risking live and limb.
        Another fantasy shattered

        • The transspacial truck is currently engaged in a perpetual and infinitely profitable booze run to New Space Calais. Making a quadrillion trips per second it’s also largely responsible for the galaxy’s immigrant and alcoholism problems.

          • Perpetual and infinite profitable
            Now that’s a company to invest. In
            Where do I sign up?
            No worries about them immigrants,
            We Texans have a few ideas in that regard

      • “who are you?” said the Iglaring Fire beast.
        “Ball, Mark Ball from Earth.I am bringing Sci Fi ideas to our people. ”
        “You are a brave man. Few have dared venture past the veils of reality. What can we do for you? ”
        “Just hold still for a moment… “

  • Joseph Rockall

    Is a picture required? Because I can’t make any

    • Pictures aren’t required, but I do prefer to include one if I can. If you can’t find anything that matches your idea, don’t worry. I might be able to make a suggestion (I spend a lot of time rummaging around for artwork), but if not then it’s not a problem.

      • I have photo shop and a scanner. I am used to visualize the ideas of writers and directors
        So if you are short of a graphic or picture lemme know