• Paulo R. Mendes

    This idea is interesting, but I prefer space exploration and military sci-fi. I think I will pass. u.u

  • I can see this being an episode of Black Mirror.

  • John H Reiher Jr

    As a sort of an “Author’s Note” I came up with this scenario really as a better way to do the infamous “Body swap” trope. Captain Kirk finds himself in the body of Dr. Lester, the crew of Moya find themselves in different bodies, and the castaways of Gilligan Island find their minds are swapped. How could you do it.

    I based it on the anime franchise, Ghost in the Shell. There “puppetting” people can be done, as can overwriting their “ghost” with false information, creating a new personality. In this case, I preferred the antagonist to puppet the body of her victim.

    One wonders what sort of trouble she put a person who, from what we can tell so far, didn’t have a great reputation to begin with…

    • She can get some ideas watching the “Body Swap” episode of Red Dwarf. 😀

      Also, killing a neighbours pet, scoping out the insides and replacing them with copious amounts of cocaine, putting it in his mum’s bed, and then calling cops on her. That’d do the trick.

    • Every organ in the body can be transplanted, except the brain , but advances in Neurosurgery are made daily. Especially the field of robotic surgery is advancing in leaps and bounds. “Steady hands are no more important than in Neurosurgery” – I could envision brain transplants taking place within the next 50 years. The entire can of worms about religion, souls, ethics and what defines a person is like a treasure chamber filled with SCI FI and SF stories to be told. As a matter of fact , I have this idea about a near future Hard SF medical tech story.

      Did you know In 1973 a group of scientists from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland Ohio, led by Dr. Robert White, a neurosurgeon inspired by the work of Vladimir Demikhov, transplanted the head of one monkey onto another monkey’s body. The animal was still able to smell, taste, hear, and see.The animal survived for eight days after the operation, even at times attempting to bite some of the staff. Dr. White successfully repeated the operation on a monkey in 2001.

      That was decades ago. Perhaps they are already doing it for real?

      I could imagine the CIA doing it to create the perfect spy.

      Could it not be very plausible that an aging Billionaire pays a Taiwan clinic to perform such a surgery to gain immortality? (Batman’s enemy
      Ra’s al Ghul resurrects in his very own daughters body.

      Of course there is :
      The Identity Matrix is a 1982 science fiction novel written by Jack L. Chalker . Where Victor Gonser swaps with various women