Starting Point: He Came Back Wrong

This week’s story starting point was sent to us by Nathan Nichols. Thanks Nate!

Alley in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts on June 22, 2013.

Adam and Thale stood nervously in the alley. Since the advent of tachyon stream travel, the simple act of waiting for a friend had become truly harrowing. A million things could go wrong.

Illius had assured them that nothing could go wrong. The Chronostream Corporation’s newest device had been proven time and again. Its pickup was simple, and the pickup radius was the smallest they’d managed since the first experiments with tachyon travel. It even had a filtration system that ran a diagnostic before materializing the traveler, and would bounce them back to their original material state at the embarkation point if something happened.

But still…accidents happened. And with the best of intentions, Illius had decided on a solo run into an unsterilized environment. Bad plan. All sorts of contaminants could return with him—or worse, he could contaminate the past. He’d only gone some two or three hundred years back, not far enough to affect the development of life, but certainly far enough to affect the course of history. So when Adam and Thale saw the telltale flickering light of a cross-global tachyon stream above the clouds, they stepped back, watched the flicker of the light flying around the globe become a solid beam as it circled the world faster, then, with bullet-like speed, it streaked down off its course and struck the ground between them.

There stood Illius. But as they stared at him, Adam and Thale realized the horrible truth. Something had happened. He’d come back wrong.

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Written by Nathan Nichols.

  • // Going got the quick punchline…

    Illius stood and dusted off the wide lapels of his lavender polyester suit, the bell bottoms swished with an evil hiss. His hands curled to form illegal gun shapes as he pointed them at Adam and Thale. “Hey, hey, hey. Looking fine and staying alive.”

    They screamed as Illius’s iWatch boomed out the sound of thunder… in a four-on-the-floor beat…

  • how about this?
    his left eye bulged from his right cheek, his arm melded into the side of his neck, twitching, flesh bulging, convulsing, glowing. Illius reached out to Adam and Thane with his one good arm and spluttered out a wet, unintelligable scream, then collapsed on the ground, blood dripped from his ears, nose, eyes and mouth as he drew his last breath, muscles still twitching long after his death.

  • @vanessa_ravencroft:disqus , hey vanessa, I noticed that your description refers to you as a scientist, exactly what kind of science is that?

  • Physics

  • Dezmodium

    …Something had happened. He’d come back wrong, yet Adam soon learned to appreciate Illius’s new breasts.