Starting Point: A Taste of Paradise

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“What is it?” Miranda asked with childlike curiosity.

“A sacred relic from the past. A long lost part of our history, and something I haven’t seen since I was a boy. A tiny piece of Earth, lightyears from home. A symbol of life, fertility, knowledge, and sin – of humanity’s rise to greatness and the cause of our downfall. People used to say that we were cast out of paradise because we couldn’t resist a taste of this divine fruit.”

“What are you going to do with it?”

Kenji licked his lips at the thought of the apple’s juicy flesh. “I’m going to eat it.”

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Artwork by Tomi Väisänen.

  • Leonardo Faria

    Miranda and Kenji are mutant apple maggots escaped from a lab, they have telekinetic abilities. The apple is a bait prepared by the humans to recapture them: it contains a low-intensity radioactive chemical tracer that works as a signal for tracking devices.
    Miranda begs Kenji not to trust anything coming from the humans, and quotes the Aeneis: “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes”. But he states he does want the KNOWLEDGE of the apple’s taste. And he eats it.
    So they loose their newly gained Eden, and it’s the “man” this time who caused the trouble against woman’s advice.

    • Haha! Brilliant! But do maggots have lips? 🙂

    • Christmas Snow

      Yes, but they already brought the apple to the lab. I guess the radio-active tracer already does its work and it does not have to be gobbled-up by the worms to be effective. By the time they consider to eat or not to eat, the humans are at the doorstep and release the chickens at the worm’s den.

  • JeredNA

    But Kenji couldn’t even open the glass container which the apple was suspended in. Miranda rolled her eyes, “Kenji it’s locked, and the mechanic probably has the key. Let’s just get what we came for and go before we get caught!”

    “You’re right,” said Kenji, “let’s find my ball and go, it couldn’t have rolled far from here,” he said giving the apple one last look, licking his lips as they moved on away from the Apple.
    But as they continued on their way through the engine room they passed more fruity relics suspended within their shiny glass coffins. The two kids began two slow, gaping in awe as they passed orange fluffy fruits and small Bunches of purple fruits, wrinkly fruits, pointy golden fruits, pink fruits with dots, and green fruits with irregular shape. Finally they came across another apple. But this one’s chamber was open, with the apple sitting at the bottom of it, and the mechanics tools spread around it. Their jaws dropped. “He must be fixing it,” said Kenji,

    “What, the apple?” Asked Miranda,

    “No, the chamber,” said Kenji, “apples only need sunlight to fix themselves,”

    “That’s not true,” snorted Miranda, “liar! Liar!”

    “It is true!” Retorted Kenji, stomping his foot,

    Miranda snorted again and Kenji ignored her, his attention on the apple, licking his lips. “I’m gonna eat it,”

    “No fair!” Whined Miranda, “how come you get to eat it!”

    “Because I know how to eat it!” He sneered, “you don’t even know what an apple is,”

    “Liar! I know how to eat it!”

    “How then?” Kenji said, picking up the apple and stroking it’s smooth surface.

    Miranda went silent “Um..” And then she hung her head, “you eat it..”
    So he took a bite, the Apple crunched and juice dripped down his chin and he moaned. Miranda screamed, “It Crunched! Did you hear that Kenji it crunched! Spit it out it might be bad!”

    “Don’t panic Miranda,” Kenji said with his mouth full and juice dripping down his chin, “it sooo yumm- ”

    “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!” An old man’s voice yelled from behind them, Miranda screamed and jumped, and Kenji sprayed apple juice and chunks from his mouth. The mechanic stood a few metres being them, Kenji’s ball under his arm. “That apple was part of the engine! Without it the engine won’t have food!”

    “W-will it work if I put it back?” Kenji whined, starting to cry.

    “How should I know! Yelled the mechanic, “I’m not the engineer,” all I know is that is that without it the gravity will fail, then the lights, and then our oxygen!”

    “Can’t you grow more?” Kenji cried “apples grow on trees right?”

    “What’s a tree?” Asked Miranda.

    They both ignored her.

    “No,” growled the mechanic, “no that’s our last apple, it was supposed to last us all the way to Eden,” the mechanic took the apple from Kenji and put it back in its chamber, “even if it does still work, you’ve taken a bite out of it, now the engine might not have enough food to get us all the eay to Eden. Congratulations kid. It looks like you’ve just doomed humanity…”

    P.S. the engine can’t run on any food, it needs it’s 5+ a day.

    • Jaylynn Strong

      This is a good story, i like it. 🙂 also, how do you publish stories on here?

      • We’re closed for submissions right now. Sorry

        • Jaylynn Strong

          What submissions? You mean, fixing any problems with this site? How long will it take?

          • Closed for submissions means we’re not accepting stories right now. Unfortunately I just don’t have time to run the site anymore

            • Jaylynn Strong

              How long will this take exactly?

            • Indefinitely. I bought a business and now I’m just too busy working to work on the website. Sorry

            • Jaylynn Strong

              How long will this take exactly?