Six-word Science Fiction Stories

Recently on our Facebook page (and the sci fi writers group) we asked you to come up with some very short, science fiction stories that were only 6 words long. It’s quite a challenge to fit an entire story into only 6 words, but plenty of you managed it!

Here’s 20ish of the best ones, and you’re welcome to add your own 6-word stories in the comments at the bottom of the page.

"The alien stole my key, why" by Jonsito Borrero

“Breel exploded spectacularly as he dreamed”
– James Davis-Mann

“After the Splashdown, Earth got crowded.”
– Jonsito Borrero

alien megastructure is severely behind schedule

“Keys to starship, found under couch.”
– Ari Dimston

“Atomic nanobots repairing rectum, don’t fart!!!”
– Harvey Sobeck

"The artifact came alive. Greetings Human" by Jonsito Borero

“Body upgraded to three of everything.”
– Rick Murray

“.won sdrawkcab gninnur si emiT .timmaD”
– John P. Cater

"I love you" said my toaster

“Reptile king dines on last human”
– Harvey Sobeck

“Earth gains new star….Jupiter ignites”
– Harvey Sobeck

"the food was sapient you monsters" by Jonsito Borrero

“This sunset, will be our last.”
– Bill Radford

"Time travel experiment failed, president Hitler" by Steve Condrey

There’s many more of these on Twitter under the hashtag #6wordscifistory. Here’s my favourite:

they came in peace, they lied

  • Leonardo Faria

    – “Resistance is futile”.
    – “You never know”.

  • John H Reiher Jr

    The last human made a friend.

    • Leonardo Faria

      The hamster saw its first Armageddon

      [Correlated story]

  • James Pailly

    I see we’re giving Hemingway’s “shortest short story” a run for its money.

    • Richard Bruns

      I’m amateur. I run for free.

  • I love these! Very cleverly written.

  • Nick Gullick

    Twelve artificial faces, just choose one….

  • Nick Gullick

    Parker swallowed the pill, then vanished.

  • Kirov

    Until help arrived, they were stranded.

  • dan cummins

    My favorite first sentence of any novel…
    “It was a pleasure to burn.”
    Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury

  • The Traveller FB group has about 500 more one liners! 🙂

    • Salesdroid666 smiled, “Guaranteed immortality, soul optional.”

    • Mad scientist wanted. Apply within.

    • “Mis-jump or die?”, she wondered. Click.

  • Richard Bruns

    The Commander ordered “Fire!” They did.

    • Fire at will. Will took cover.

      • Richard Bruns

        “My name ain’t will!”
        “Tough luck.”