Inspiration Gallery #1602

This week’s inspiration gallery features the artwork of German artist Christian ‘Tigaer’ Hecker. Tigaer’s art is incredibly detailed; I recommend enlarging the images to view them up close.

For more about this artists check out his website at www.tigaer-design.comand his pages on Facebook, DeviantArt and CGSociety.

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Artwork by Christian Hecker (

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    These images are really impressive. 🙂

  • These pictures are really, really great! But why would a colony be built on a waterfall (picture 9)?

    • Kirov

      Hydroelectric power? Or perhaps someone with a lot of money wanted it to look good more than be functional.

      • If it is for hydroelectric power, why not put the colony near the water and connect a turbine and stuff through pipes and stuff.
        And how would it even be built when the floor is vertical?

        • Who says it’s a colony? It could be a hyrdo plant or maybe some kind of factory

          • Still doesn’t seem logical to build anything on what’s practically a cliff.

      • John H Reiher Jr

        That’s what I think. The people who built that place did so because it looks awesome and not for any practical reasons.

    • Leonardo Faria

      Because the designers are disciples, through the centuries, of Frank Lloyd Wright

      • Still wouldn’t be logical.

        • Leonardo Faria

          Maybe second or third generation colonists act not only by practical and logical concerns, but also by spiritual and aesthetic emerging demands.
          American psychologist Abraham Maslow hypothesized that human needs are organized in pyramidal form: as soon as you fullfil basic survival/biological needs you feel the urge to more immaterial and spiritual needs.
          We should think of colonists as people who have fashion, religious creeds, ideological divide. sports, hobbies and so on, even if not in the first stage.

          • OK. I’ll accept that.

            • valkerie

              Maybe it’s for the same reason people build cliffside houses in California. An earthquake comes along, or even a good mudslide, and their house falls down. But it’s a way of saying, “Look how important, rich and powerful I am.” Not logical, but who says people are logical? Even in the future, we’re going to have egotists who have to flaunt their wealth.

        • Travis Masonheimer

          hope you aren’t attempting to imply that logic is the ultimate deciding rule of form following function…. just saying.

          no hard feelings, k?

    • Rule of cool?

    • Travis Masonheimer

      um, are you listening to your negativity? waterfalls make everything awesome! try to find the downside, and then rephrase your question…

    • Zade Wilson


    • SciFiFan

      Obviously because of the rich materials in the water, the subspace emissions or some other techno babble buls… I mean real stuff
      But seriously because it is cool, and maybe there is a cavern inside the waterfall where they can hide some secret weapon project withoit anyone seeing it but still within some hunderd meters of it

  • JeredNA

    These concepts are amazing but I feel like modern sci-fi concept art is either too grey and utilitarian or too complex. Look at the old star wars concept art and learn I reckon.

  • It may be a long time, but I wrote a post inspired by the Escape painting. It will appear on my blog on the third of January at 13:00 EST.
    Feel free to check it out then!

    • Thanks, I’ll try and remember to check it out