Inspiration Gallery #1214

jakub-rozalski-workworkwork-recovered1-20new1-smallIn this month’s Inspiration Gallery, we take a peek into the mind and sketchbook of Jakub Rozalski.

We’re used to seeing advanced, before-it’s-time weaponry applied to the Second World War (Nazi UFOs, Nazi nukes, Nazi mecha, that sort of thing), but why is it always the Nazis who get all the alternate history glory? What if the inter-war period witnessed a leap forward in mechanical engineering, allowing the manufacture of awesome death-walkers? How would that affect Eastern Europe, namely Poland, the failing Russian Empire, the emerging Soviet superpower?

We’re seeing something similar in this gallery of images, but the details are unclear. Is the Russian Empire using these mecha to subjugate its people and prevent a popular uprising, or are they involved in a wider conflict against their similarly armed Polish neighbours? Or both?















Can you explain this alternate history scenario? Let us know your theory in the comments below.

Artwork by Jakub Rozalski.

You can see more of Jakub Rozalski’s artwork here, and also follow him on Facebook and Tumblr.


  • Fantastic work, love it from top to bottom and inside out 😉

  • John H Reiher Jr

    They look to be dieselpunk mechs. I love the use of bears as beasts of burden as well.

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    Humm… maybe this technological leap is one of the consequences of the world-wide Martian invasion described by H.G. Wells in War of the Worlds? research done in the technology left behind by the invaders might have led to the development of these mecha.

    • John H Reiher Jr

      That’s a good idea. Toss in some very experimental domestication programs, i.e. the bears as domesticated animals, and it’s possible. I wonder if the Czar fell sooner because of the Martians?

      • Paulo R. Mendes

        Probably. As far as I remember, the Russian army had a very primitive tech in that age. It would be very interesting if after that event (the fall of the Czar and the almost destruction of Russia) the russians became obsessed with the modernization of their armed forces using the alien tech. But more interesting would be the consequences of such modernization to russian society – and if Russia never become an communist country and instead become a capitalist superpower like US is today? even better, imagine what would happen if Stalin – or another, similar tyrant – decided “to unify the world” under “the benevolent russian leadership” to “protect” the world in the case of a new Martian invasion? that could end in a Great War so salvage and destructive than the WWI or the WWII – specially if another countries (U.S, UK, Germany, Japan, etc.) have a similar tech…

        Oh, and sorry for my English. I am Brazilian and I have a hard time writting in English. :p

  • Kirov

    I’ve always loved the look of mechs and always want to include them in stuff, but I’m also one for realism in sci fi. I can just never come up with a reason that mechs would actually exist. It just takes so much to keep them upright, they can be easily knocked over to disable them, they would have horrible floatation in off-road terrain, recoil from weapons would probably knock them over. Any ideas as to how they could actually be useful?

    • John H Reiher Jr

      The biggest problem a lot of Mechs have is that they have a high center of gravity and wide set of hips. They can’t lift a leg without falling over. Some of the Mechs look to have the ability to shift the COG over one leg while the other is moving. But others, the big ones, really can’t walk. the Tripods can maneuver spider like, but four legs is more stable than two, and 6 legs are even better than four.

  • IonThunder

    It is my opinion that someone has been playing too much Dust Tactics.

  • Neil O’Dea

    update: it form the iron harvest game