Inspiration Gallery #0815 (Alien August Special)

Since it’s Alien August and we’re inviting you to invent your own alien species via the Alien August competition, I thought it would be a good idea to share some alien portraits in this month’s Inspiration Gallery.

I hope the following portraits inspire you to create an interesting and original alien species of your very own!

This month’s Inspiration Gallery features the work of three gifted and successful concept artists – the equally talented Ben Mauro, Riyahd Cassiem, and David Bonneywell.

Ben Mauro

The venerable Ben Mauro has produced concept art for several major feature films, including Elysium, Chappie, Lucy, and The Hobbit trilogy, as well as a number of short films and upcoming projects. Check out his website for more about his work and craft.










Riyahd Cassiem

Riyahd Cassiem is a South African concept artist, digital sculptor, and part time lecturer. His website is a treasure trove of interesting concept designs, in both the science fiction and fantasy genres.

erchant_by_Riyahd Cassiem

chutulu_by_Riyahd Cassiem

z_creature_by_Riyahd Cassiem

valkin_by_Riyahd Cassiem


ebo_creature_by_Riyahd Cassiem

David Bonneywell

David Bonneywell is a UK based special effects artist whose impressive CV includes such Event Horizon, Seed of Chucky, 28 Weeks Later, and Doctor Who.

While he is best known as a make-up artist and prosthetic sculptor, these digitally created creature concepts are certainly very impressive too.

David Bonneywell 1

David Bonneywell 2

David Bonneywell 4

Artwork by Ben Mauro, Riyahd Cassiem, and David Bonneywell.

If these images have inspired you to create your own alien species, why not enter your creation into our Alien August competition?


  • michael pulleine

    the second picture was the kind of head I imagined the nightstalker to have!

    • Probably could have used that pic instead. Oh well.
      That’s why I decided to publish this gallery early in the month.

  • Leonardo Faria

    We’re past the cockroach family for a change.

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    That is a really good gallery.

  • michael pulleine

    cthulhu? is that you? also, would anyone mind if I used pictures two and three for my next alien ideas?

    • Do it!
      (We don’t actually have permission to use these images, but so long as I credit the artist it should be OK – touch wood)