Inspiration Gallery #0415

In this month’s Inspiration Gallery we’re sharing a series of spacescapes by artist Alface Killah, featuring three beautiful spaceplane concepts.






Alface Killah 211

Alface Killah 212




Alface Killah 111

Alface Killah 112





Artwork by Alface Killah.

  • John H Reiher Jr

    I loved this series of images when I found them earlier. However, the China Southern spaceplane design… it irks me. That nose is a week point and I can’t help thinking that it would break off during reentry. And it’s air breathing scoop at the bottom of the ship…

    • It’s an odd one isn’t it. I thought there might be complex aerodynamical reasons why it would work, but maybe it’s just weird for the sake of being weird.

      • michael pulleine

        probab ly, thats why i wrote the kaladians profile, cause it was weird and i wanted something weird and different, by the way, vanessa once posted a video saying that living things would not evolve to have wheels, first i would like to point out that flagellum have wheels, also, what if an alien race created a world specifically so that a wheel would evolve?

    • Maybe it;s not a space ship but just an airplane design in the first place.Just because it is by the same artist, it could be just a jet liner design. To me it be a perfect new design for Lufthansa, in case the co pilot does something odd, they can jettison the “extension cockpit”

      • michael pulleine

        i can really see that being something to come, but what if the pilot, not the co-pilot tried something (un)funny?

      • Helena Kennedy

        But it’s got wings. Therefore it’s clearly an intro atmospheric craft.

        • Guest

          which means that it is not a space craft, all you are doing is reinforcing her argument!

        • michael pulleine

          so? there are no pictures depicting it in space and all aeroplanes have wings, but not all aeroplanes go into space! (i wish they did though…)

          • Yes there are. I count 5 pics of it in orbit. Low orbit, but orbit nonetheless.

            • michael pulleine

              oh… sorry, that looked like a city to my strange eyes, and the one i was talking about the double cockpit red air scooped strangamajig, which i only counted two pictures of.

            • michael pulleine

              oh! it is a city! an orbital city, is it called space station 5? (i hoped i got the name right)

            • michael pulleine

              but the point is that wings do not mean spacecraft, it just means that it will most liklely fly

            • Yeh, Helena and I added that comment while drunk and didn’t think it through. But it’s clearly a spaceship because it is in space, and it has wings so it’s clearly designed to enter the atmosphere too.

            • michael pulleine

              hmm, by the way, i listened to your Wizards!? podcast, to tell you the truth i did not imagine you to sound like Wot fanar (you probably dont know who he is unless you watch nerdcubed though) in fact for some weird reason i imagined you to have a heavy welsh accent, kinda like gimleh! (i feel ashamed for making a LoTR reference here…)

            • It’s not how I imagine myself sounding either 😀

            • michael pulleine

              by the way, i thought you might find this interesting, the very first sci-fi novel was publiished in 1516, it was written by sir/st thomas more, the second sci-fi novel was by johannes kepler, it was written in latin and was about a dream that kepler had in which he built a ship that sailed through space, also, dont be so mean to tolkien, he was still a good author, even if he did yucky soft sci-fi, but seriously, the only redeeming feature of the hobbit movies was that billy connolly was in the third one and his first line is “why dont you all sod off?”

            • michael pulleine

              also, i understand (i may be fifteen but thailand has no legal drinking age, i got drunk off of one glass of banana dacquiri) but it is always good to provide your’e entire argument in the argument XD

      • But it’s clearly a spaceship. There are pictures of it in space. The 5 images above the last one show the same ship.

        • Guest

          i only count four though!

          • Did you count the one where it’s docking with the space station that looks like ISS? You can’t see the weird cockpit because of the angle, but I think it’s the same ship/plane.

            • michael pulleine

              i can see all of them now, by the way, the one docking in the cone that looks like the floor of a childs’ bedroom was the one i couldnt see. by the way, the cockpit can be seen from the angle, its just hard to see.

          • John Hawkins

            Mark: How many pictures do you see?
            Guest: I see four pictures.
            Mark: No, there are five!

            • michael pulleine

              that was me, i deleted the comment because i saw the fifth, for some reason when you delete comments they come back as guest

            • Haha!

            • michael pulleine

              my favourite bit of that episode of star trek has to be when picard is leaving and as he walks out the door he turns around and yells “there are four lights!” one final time.

        • Vanessa: There are ways of telling whether it is a spacecraft.

          Peasant 1: Are there? Oh well, tell us.

          Vanessa: Tell me. What do you do with spacecraft?

          Peasant 1: Fly them.

          Vanessa: And what do you fly, apart from spacecraft?

          Peasant 1: More spacecraft.

          Peasant 2: Planes.

          Vanessa: Good. Now, why do spacecraft fly?

          Peasant 3: …because they’re planes?

          Vanessa: Good. So how do you tell whether it is a plane?

          Peasant 1: It flies

          Vanessa: But can you not also fly with a balloon?

          Peasant 1: Oh yeah.

          Vanessa: Does a balloon stay on the ground?

          Peasant 1: No, no, it flies!… It flies!

          Vanessa: No, no. What else flies?

          Peasant 1: Bread.

          Peasant 2: Apples.

          Peasant 3: Very small rocks.

          Peasant 1: Cider.

          Peasant 2: Gravy.

          Peasant 3: Cherries.

          Peasant 1: Mud.

          Peasant 2: Dragons

          Peasant 3: Lead! Lead!

          Mark Ball: A rocket.

          Vanessa: …Exactly. So, logically…

          Peasant 1: If it looks the same as a rocket… it’s a spaceship

          Vanessa: And therefore…

          Peasant 2: ..A balloon!

          (In good humor )

          • The word “spaceplane” could have saved us all a lot of time and bickering 🙂

            • Well it was a lively response to an Inspiration gallery. Whatever the details..You certainly infused a lot of “inspiration”so…job accomplished.

            • michael pulleine

              i never really understood spaceplanes, after all, the fastest and (possibly) easiest way to get to space is by going up whilst at a slight angle, i know that because i spend seventy bajillion hours (there is an infinite amount of numbers ergo bajillion has to make an appearence at some point) playing kerbal space program (huzzah for scott manley!)

          • michael pulleine

            i get the feeling that each peasant represents someone involved in this conversation, if this is true, could you please tell me who represents who, i can already tell that peasant 1 is mark but that’s about it.

        • michael pulleine

          by the way, i just sent you two emails, one is a story starter and the other is the beginnings of a creature concept

  • michael pulleine

    personally i prefer star ship designs, the reason being that these pictures look and feel too similar to what we already have today, with richard bransons space plane ideas.

  • michael pulleine

    space station owned by coca-cola company… Goliath corporation/weyland yutani corporation/ soylent corporation/cyberdyne corporation/omni consumer products corporation/EA games alliance just recieved a new member! tin foil hats for everyone!

  • michael pulleine

    heres an idea for a sci-fi story! what if Tony Abbot, David Cameron, Vladimir Putin and every member of any racist party ever were all members of an evil alien race sent to destroy humanity through anti-intellectualism and division, it sure as hell would explain a lot!

  • I was hoping the slightly adjusted Monty Python sketch was recognized….I guess not…how sad

    • michael pulleine


    • michael pulleine

      so if she floats!, she is a witch! (please disregard the previous comment)