Inspiration Gallery #0315

This month’s Inspiration Gallery showcases the work of the american artist Mark Zug.

His career started out as the artist for the I,Robot movie project that Harlan Ellison was trying to sell to Hollywood. We got Will Smith instead. And, even better, we got to see the wonderful artwork of Mark Zug and his imaginative visualizations of Asimov, Herbert, and other writers. His work spans from gaming illustrations to concept artwork for various projects. You can see his work on his web site, or visit him on Facebook.









  • I actually liked image 4 a lot – started to fill my head with a new story.

    • John Hawkins

      YES! JUST YES!

  • James Pailly

    I really liked the first two. Some day, I want to write a story that really delves into the hard and dirty work involved in colonizing the Solar System.

  • Paulo R. Mendes

    That is a beautiful work – really inspiring.