100 Alien Creatures

Sourcing artwork to match all the weird and wonderful alien ideas we share can be tricky, especially during Alien August. That’s why for this year’s event we contacted artist Alexander Thümler (miNze). Alex kindly gave us permission to use any of the creature designs featured in his gallery of “One Hundred Monsters”.

If you’re planning on entering the Alien August competition and are looking for some inspiration (or if you’re looking for an image to match a competition entry you’ve already written), this would be a great place to start!

You can view the full gallery of One Hundred Monsters here.

Below are some of our favourites.

It’s also worth subscribing to Alex’s Facebook page, where he shares some of his latest artwork.










There are more creatures to be discovered in the full gallery of “One Hundred Monsters”.

If you decide to use one of the images to illustrate your competition entry, all you need to do is tell us the monster number and we’ll include it with your article. (Remember, all good competition entries will be posted to the website!)

Artwork by Alexander Thümler (aka miNze).

Check out Alex’s Facebook page!