The Incredible Artwork of Magnus, Robot Fighter

Ah, the 60’s, when men were men, women were helpless, and the greatest threat to the human race was an army of fictional robots. The decade saw the birth of many notable comic book heroes, such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and Playboy’s Little Annie Fanny. These legendary characters may have secured their place in the comic book hall of fame, but there’s one 60’s legend who rarely gets invited to fancy dress parties – his name is Magnus, Robot Fighter, and he really hates naughty robots.

magnus-featured2If you’ve never heard of Magnus, Robot Fighter, his story can be summed up thusly…

In the year 4,000, humanity has become dependent on artificially intelligent robots. While some of these robots are benevolent and kept in check by Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, others seek to enslave humanity, or are controlled by villains with equally maniacal agendas.

Magnus was raised by the benevolent robot A1 in a glass dome on the ocean floor (because underwater domes were awesome in the 60’s). A1 taught the young hero about the Three Laws and the threat posed to mankind by their over-reliance on robots. He also taught Magnus advanced martial arts techniques (because martial arts were awesome in the 60’s), training him to be a skilled fighter capable of destroying robots with his bare hands (because robots were pathetic in the 60’s). It was A1’s hope that Magnus would use these punching and karate-chopping skills to enforce his pro-Asimov agenda.

And punch and karate-chop he did, as this series of astonishing Magnus, Robot Fighter 4000 cover images attests…

Pay close attention. The most astonishing thing about this cover art is that it features not one, but a total of four robot ghosts!

magnus robot fighter volume1


























Did you spot the robot ghosts? How about the shark, the three gorillas, or the “neo-dog”?

Several comic book publishers have attempted to rescue Magnus, Robot Fighter from the bowls of entertainment history, but surprisingly there doesn’t seem to be much of a market for stories about men punching robots in the face. Most recently, in 2009, Dark Horse Comics announced plans to create a new Robot Fighter series, but only six issues were produced.

  • OMG these are awesome!!! I can’t stop laughing at how truely great they are. I love the one where he karate chops the robot’s arm, and … and… robot ghosts?! Who thought that would be a good idea?!!

    • Mark Ball

      Did you spot the shark? Also, have you noticed that he’s wearing a pink skirt in some of them?

      • Oh yeah! Also have you seen the flying tank?

  • John H Reiher Jr

    If any other guy tried to wear Go-Go Boots and hot pants, they’d look ridiculous! But not Mangus! He totally rocks in a very manly way!

    • Dan

      I read that Zap Brannigan’s DOOP uniform is patterned after that of Magnus, Robot Fighter. Of course without the character, brains, or sex appeal. 🙂

      • Mark Ball

        Of course! Dan, you just blew my mind!

  • Dan

    remember reading Magnus. I guess that dates me. I had to take with a grain of
    salt that the Earth could still be healthy and clean with 50 billion people on
    the planet. There were some fun stories that did get into deep science fiction.
    And Leeja in her filmy see through microskirt was hot. If alI the future gals are like her no wonder there are 50 billion folks. I liked most the
    companion series about a space exploration ship that runs into a ship of non
    human aliens and must develop a mutual trust by exchanging crew members as they
    return home. Ultimately spun off as a short lived comic book of their own.
    Imaginatively called The Aliens.

  • ralok

    Magnus Robot Fighter… was one of my primary inspirations for my “Rebel cowgirls” comic… at the time though, I had only seenthe gorgeous cover work.

    Ihave since read the comic itself, and I reaaaaaaaaaally enjoyed it.