Do you have a science fiction idea that you’d like to share with the world? We’d like to know about it. Whether it’s an idea for a science fiction story, an interesting alien species you dreamed up one day, or an interesting world-concept that came to you while scrubbing your bits in the bath.

Great ideas come from the most unusual places, and we don’t all have the time, patience or skills to make the most of them. Rather than letting a good idea go to waste, we feel it is better to share it with the world. Post your idea on SciFi Ideas and let others take inspiration from it. Your idea might go on to inspire the science fiction masterpieces of the future.

You’ll be fully credited for any ideas you submit to us, and we’ll even let you use them to promote yourself, your work and your website.

Please review the following submission guidelines before you email us with your idea/article.

What To Submit

What kinds of ideas and articles are we looking for? Here’s a list of what to send us…

  • Fully formed science fiction story ideas – These are like gold dust!
  • World concepts – Ideas for interesting planets and/or futuristic societies. We call these articles “planet profiles”.
  • Alien ideas – Ideas for strange alien creatures and interesting alien societies. We call these articles “alien profiles”.
  • Science fiction short stories – Stories of 10,000 words or less will be considered for publication as one of our monthly “featured stories”. Only the best stories we receive will be published, the “best” being determined by their originality, quality of writing, interest and entertainment value.
  • We’re also interested in receiving articles for our “Inspiration“, “Writing & Publishing“, and “Science & Technology” categories. These are articles that science fiction writers would find useful and/or interesting.

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse articles. If your article does not conform to one of the descriptions above, it may be wise to contact us before you start writing an article to submit.

What Not to Submit

Please do not send us any of the following…

  • Fanfiction ideas – We prefer to post new and original ideas. Please do not send us ideas that relate to another writer’s work.
  • Fanfiction stories – Fanfic stories will not be published on SciFi Ideas. Please send us original stories only.
  • Copyrighted materials – Please do not send us copyrighted materials unless you have the express permission of the copyright holder to do so.


SciFi Ideas operates under an Attribution-ShareAlike license. Shortstories are published under an Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. For more information, see our terms and conditions page.

Contact Us

Contacting us is easy, just email us at

Alternatively, if you’d like to message our imperious leader Mark Ball himself, email

Thank you for sharing your ideas!