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Should We Hide the “Science Fiction” Label?

The trouble with the SF label may be the fact that it is too broad.

Dan’s Voyage vs. the Drake Equation

For each and every race I carefully consider a different way for them to avoid this

The Most Creative Book Promo We’ve Seen All Month

Here's a promo video by science fiction writer Reid Minnich. Rather than...

Polynesian Space Gazette

Hearing about all the fun author Steve Merrick was having with his futuristic news blog The Polynesian

For the love of space opera

This article was originally posted on Veronica Sicoe’s blog, and is re-posted here with permission. Space opera

The ORIGINS of your alien species

Invest some work in figuring this out on a pragmatic, satisfyingly realistic level, and each time

This New Sci-Fi Magazine Is Even Better Than We Were Expecting

This week saw the launch of a brand new online science fiction magazine. The e-zine is

The sexy sophont species from Daniel M. Bensen’s New Frontiers

Like clownfish, oonkhs change sex depending on social hierarchy, with a big male "husband-pet" for every

Dealing with Harsh Realities through Genre Fiction

As I often do when things disturb me, I looked for a way to deal with

Why Even Space?

I love space. But sometimes all that pesky space travel can get in the way, and

A Quick and Simple Guide to Self-Publishing

Initially, self publishing looks like an utterly confusing chaos, but when you break it down it's

Why We Write Heroes

Are our heroes simply an extension of our own vanity – a striving to be something

25 different Sci-Fi Settings

A list of interesting sci-fi settings to play around with, and a mini-generator to create challenging

These Things You Say

These days everyone know what Unobtainium is, because it’s become its own punchline. Unobtainium is the

Screw Wikipedia, Contact a Scientist

Even though you’ve scoured the Internet and checked out every science book your local library has,

Aliens and Morality

Is moral conduct a prerequisite of civilization, even for aliens?

Maksim Smelchak: Categorizing Aliens

Maksim Smelchak shares some advice for those creating their own alien species.

In The Beginning: The Epic of the Anunnaki: An Interview With Alex Teplish

SciFi Ideas interviews Alex Teplish, creator of the graphic novel In The Beginning: The Epic of

Interview: Author William Benning

SciFi Ideas interviews author William Benning about his "First Admiral" series of science fiction novels.

Should Sci-Fi Writers Stop Using the Name Terra?

Is the name "Terra" an enormous cliche, and when is it okay for science fiction writers