Worldbuilding Archive

Artifexian: Build Your Own Anti-Tatooine

Edgar explains how to build an S-type star system.

Artifexian: Build Your Own Tatooine

Want to set your science fiction story on a planet with twin suns? This short video

Planet Profile: Arlena

An aesthetically pleasing world with massive trees and no visible land.

Artifexian: How to Create a Classical Planetary System

Edgar begins a walkthrough lesson on building a classical planetary system capable of supporting life.

Artifexian: Formation of the Solar System

Before we start baking our apple pie, let's take a look at grandma's old recipe book

Artifexian: Galactic Musings

Edgar ponders which type of galaxy is the best suited to habitability.

Artifexian: Galactic Habitable Zone

Did you know that galaxies also have habitable zones? Edgar explains...

Artifexian: The Milky Way and Spiral Galaxies

Edgar examines the structure of spiral galaxies in more detail.

Artifexian: What are Galaxies?

Edgar is bringing out the big guns for this episode and talking about galaxies - the

Artifexian: How to Build a Star

In this video, Edgar talks us through how to make your very own star as a

Artifexian: Supermassive Stars

This episode will tell you all you need to know about supermassive stars and the awesomeness

Artifexian: The Life Cycle of Brown Dwarfs

Activate your ears and engage brain-mode; you're about to absorb a huge amount of information...

Artifexian: Evolution of Low Mass Stars

The first of a brilliant series of worldbuilding videos by Artifexian.

An Introduction to Worldbuilding with Artifexian

To encourage you all to think more about the scientific realism of the worlds featured in

The ORIGINS of your alien species

Invest some work in figuring this out on a pragmatic, satisfyingly realistic level, and each time