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Sciency Words: Chaos Terrain

The resulting terrain will look truly bizarre—chaotic, you might say!—with huge ice blocks jutting up above

Inter-species Commerce in Science Fiction

As an avid science fiction fan, and a fledgling science fiction novelist, one thing that has

How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages

It’s Alien August here at, and an autographed copy of my novel The Deep Link

Sciency Words: The Gaia Principle

A strict interpretation of the Gaia principle would tell us that if life fails to alter

Artifexian Podcast #1 : Thoughts on Stars

Artifexian Podcast #1 : Thoughts on Stars. Edgar and Bill discuss the superbowl, UFC and stellar

7 (Poké)planet Types | Artifexian

Terrestrial planets can be so much more than just barren, rocky planets or earth analogs. In

The Trouble with Terrestrial Planets | Artifexian

When constructing terrestrial planets, a worldbuilder needs to work with three important variables: mass, radius and

Artifexian Podcast: #0 Worldbuilding: A Defintion

To mark the one year anniversary of Artifexian, I decided to launch a podcast. The Artifexian

Artifexian: Extrasolar Gas Giants

As I’ve mentioned before giant planets are often, wrongfully, left out of the worldbuilding process. Even

Artifexian: Gas Giant Facts

Think rings systems and diamond oceans and you start to get a feel for the awe

Artifexian – Dwarf Planet Info

Here's a video on dwarf planets. Chronicling everything from crazy tilts and orbits to seasonal atmospheres

Artifexian – Lagrange Points and more Trojan Ramblings

Sick of having just one planet per orbit? Need a location for your space habitat? Want

Artifexian – Color in Librus

Following on from my last post, “Color in Fictional Settings”, this week I’d like to look

Top 5 Worldbuilding Must-Haves

What if you work on your world for weeks, write dozens of spreadsheets or notes, create

Google’s New Map of the Milky Way

Google have released a new interactive 3D model of the galaxy, and it features no less

Artifexian – Color in Fictional Settings

How to use colors in an interesting way to help transform the worldbuilding process.

Starting Point: Gardeners of Paradise

This week’s story starting point is a response to all the recent talk about utopian sci-fi.

Artifexian – Perception of the Heavens

The maths behind how your world is perceived.

Dan’s Voyage vs. the Drake Equation

For each and every race I carefully consider a different way for them to avoid this

Planet Profile: Salsola

A planet with an extreme axial tilt where life flourishes.