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Story Idea: The Andromeda Plot

It starts off with the arrival of a strange object of unknown origin and the subsequent

Story Idea: The Space Miners of Ahriman-108

Ahriman-108 has turned soft men into harden veterans due to the hellish environment both within and

Story Idea: The Hive Programme

The Hive Programme proposes that mankind move underground until the ice age thaws. The programme developers

Story Idea: The Elder Wakes

The decision between whether or not the children survive would seem to give us two possible

Story Idea: The Other Me Drives a Porsche

Simon volunteers for a radical and experimental new cancer treatment. This treatment uses teleportation technology to

Story Idea: Meet the Beamies

In this storyline, humans long ago gave up on developing FTL travel or using suspended animation

Story Idea: Transdimensional Pangaea War

Two parallel Earths fight for dominance over a central 'hub world' and the valuable resources it

Story Idea: The HUN Over Here

The HUN, a human-like extrasolar species, began their invasion by first setting up a terrestrial staging

Story Idea: First Signal

The planet-bound sapients in this conceptual tale are a hexapodal arthropod who, at time of First

Story Idea: One Million People Like Jack Turner

The memories of celebrities are available for public download. Jack Turner is an internet sensation. But

Story Idea: Conquest of the Planet of the InGen-Created Neanderthals

So, this is essentially a cross between Jurassic Park and Planet of the Apes. The neanderthals

Story Idea: The Last Man on Second Earth

The 'last man on Earth' format has been done several times before, so I got to

10 Colonization Story Ideas

10 quick ideas for a science fiction 'colonization' story, including everything from time travel colonization to

Story Idea: Oort Cloud Civilizations

Story idea by John H. Reiher Jr. about a civilization that lives in the Oort cloud

10 Ideas for a Cyberpunk Story

10 quick ideas for a cyberpunk story, including everything from artificial intelligence to virtual reality constructs.

Story Idea: The System

Humanity has discovered and colonized a trinary star system with multiple habitable worlds. Two other alien

Story Idea: The Reserve

A boy travels into the enormous Arethusa nature reserve to hunt a vicious predator and win

Story Idea: Debt World

The entire planet is in serious debt to a neighbouring planet (let's say Mars). The only

Story Idea: Valnia

A man and a woman who have never met before, but who have fallen in love

Story Idea: Meat and Grit

Aliens begin to go missing on Earth, and the black-market trade in ‘real meat’ is thought