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Planet Profile: Salsola

A planet with an extreme axial tilt where life flourishes.

Planet Profile: Arlena

An aesthetically pleasing world with massive trees and no visible land.

Planet Profile: Damnation

Orbiting the star Ceti Tau Zeta 47914 is a tidally locked planet whose official registration is

Planet Profile: Zarmina

Zarmina orbits Gliese 581 at only 14% of Earth's distance from Sol.

Planet Profile: Boreas

This FICTIONAL planet has extremely large polar regions. Human habitation is restricted to a thin band

Planet Profile: Brunhild

Brunhild is a FICTIONAL world famed for its mineral wealth and its spectacular and unusual glass-volcanoes.

Planet Profile: Owen’s World

Owen’s World is home a huge diversity of strange and intriguing native lifeforms. So diverse is

Planet Profile: Quicksilver (The Red World)

Quicksilver life forms can sequester or expel mercury from their bodies in various ways. Many plant

Planet Profile: Aegir

Aegir is a FICTIONAL planet with cold brackish seas and comparatively small continents. While very few

Planet Profile: Arethusa

Arethusa is a FICTIONAL planet dominated by large shallow seas and small island continents. Its seas