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Colonizing Mercury: How to Live There

If you hunger for a quaint, frontier life far from the noise and bustle of modern

Google’s New Map of the Milky Way

Google have released a new interactive 3D model of the galaxy, and it features no less

Planet Profile: Salsola

A planet with an extreme axial tilt where life flourishes.

Artifexian: Build Your Own Anti-Tatooine

Edgar explains how to build an S-type star system.

Artifexian: Build Your Own Tatooine

Want to set your science fiction story on a planet with twin suns? This short video

Alien Profile: World Seed

A World Seed is a living, organic planet grown from a seed.

Planet Profile: Arlena

An aesthetically pleasing world with massive trees and no visible land.

Artifexian: Other Planetary Systems

Edgar talks us through some of the most interesting star systems discovered to date.

Artifexian: How to Create a Classical Planetary System

Edgar begins a walkthrough lesson on building a classical planetary system capable of supporting life.

Artifexian: Formation of the Solar System

Before we start baking our apple pie, let's take a look at grandma's old recipe book

Planet Profile: Damnation

Orbiting the star Ceti Tau Zeta 47914 is a tidally locked planet whose official registration is

Planet Profile: Zarmina

Zarmina orbits Gliese 581 at only 14% of Earth's distance from Sol.

Introducing the New Planet Generator

Introducing a new random generator to the SciFi Ideas website - the Planet Generator.

Top Tourist Destinations of the New Worlds Project Setting

Here are the Organisation for Interstellar Peace’s top destinations for 2514. Don’t let the first interstellar

Shell Worlds Infographic

The Shell Worlds concept is the brain-child of engineer Ken Roy, who envisions the building of

Terraforming Venus

Some useful information about terraforming Venus, provided by Dmitriy Ivashchenko of the Mars Terraforming Corporation.

Planet Profile: Boreas

This FICTIONAL planet has extremely large polar regions. Human habitation is restricted to a thin band

Extra-planetary Nature Reserves

If you want to colonize a new planet, travelling across the cosmos is only the first

Planet Profile: Brunhild

Brunhild is a FICTIONAL world famed for its mineral wealth and its spectacular and unusual glass-volcanoes.

Planet Profile: Owen’s World

Owen’s World is home a huge diversity of strange and intriguing native lifeforms. So diverse is