Alien Ideas Archive

LYCON – An Alien Species Concept by Ben Mauro

A stunning alien concept by artist Ben Mauro.

Alien Profile: The Elikar

A robotic alien race. An entry to the Alien August competition by Nathan Nichols.

Alien Profile: Hotzies

These large pizza pies “graze” the surface for metal molecules and long chain molecules.

Alien Profile: Kharadons

The most unique feature of the Kharadon biology is their ability to shapeshift and change their

Creature Concept: Erebusian Nightstalker

The Erebusian Nightstalker is an apex predator from the planet Erebus.

Alien Profile: The Kransul

The Kransul are semi-aquatic creatures, and large bodies of water are necessary for their reproduction. Fertilized

Alien Profile: The Acknn

An entry to the Alien August competition by Cody Craig.

Alien Profile: The Heliid

The Heliid are a noble-gas based race...

Alien Profile: The Kaladians

The Kaladians are a race of crystalline people. They produce the finest authors, philosophers, scientists and

Alien Profile: The Babosi

The Babosi are an amphibious species native to the planet Obonda. They are a dying race

Creature Concept: Mycolian

It is hard to determine whether the Mycolian is actually a fungus or animal, as it

Creature Concept: Fungal Hound

Fungal hounds are tripodal, bi-tailed fungal/animal fusions; arising from a symbiosis of the two it represents

Creature Concept: Copterbug

The copterbug is an alien which has evolved on Venus.

Alien Profile: The Vel’takz

A race of pirates and scavangers. Submitted by Jake Salter.

Alien Profile: Gatalax

The Gatalax are a jellyfish-like race of aliens.

Alien Profile: The Urelians

An alien August competition entry by Jake Salter.

Alien Profile: The Novii

The Novii are a race of tall aliens from the planet Tau Saggatari E. They are

Alien Profile: Xacklon

An Alien August competition entry by Ben Robinson.

Alien Profile: Sibranthi

When human xenographers started exploring the Sibranthi homeworld, they documented three distinct species...

Alien Profile: Qolohg

A hardy species from the night side of a tidally locked world.